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The thought that one person can’t do anything to change a situation that involves others, is a myth and has been proven wrong umpteen number of times. It takes, one moment, one thought and one person to start a movement in the positive direction. Anything done, with good intentions, can tread a path for many other to follow and that’s how situations change and improve and the society progresses.

Here is another instance, of a brave, courageous woman, who actually put her money where her mouth is. Professor Nikita Gosavi. On a normal Quarantine day, she stepped out with her husband to visit her uncle because he had met with an accident. She had to go to the heart of the City in Pune where her uncle resides. On her way, she noticed some homeless people sitting on the roadside near Appa Balwant Chowk (ABC, Pune). Due to the lockdown and closed roads, Nikita and her husband had to change their route and while doing so, they overheard conversations of those people. What she heard, broke her heart.

Those people were eagerly waiting for a vehicle to arrive that supplied them food that was their only meal for the day. And this had been their situation for days. If the vehicle did not arrive, it meant no food that day. This broke her heart and strengthened her will to do something about the situation those homeless people were in. She realised that, while so many of us were fortunate enough to complain and crib about what what we disliked from our filled plates through three meals a day, there were many out on the streets who weren’t even sure about getting to eat one meal a day. She decided she had to do something about it. She thought to herself that the least she could do was to provide one meal a day to even a few of these people. All these thoughts further led her to take the decision of feeding them.

She posted her ideas and thoughts on her WhatsApp status, and was thrilled to see the kind of response and support she received. She heard from her friends, neighbours and even her students. Everyone came forth and helped Nikita in fundraising. Since then, from 14th of March till date, Nikita has been COOKING for 35- 40 PEOPLE DAILY in order to provide them with food. With the financial help from many other responsible citizens,  Nikita has been able to sustain. She and her husband come from Dhayari to Appa Balwant Chowk (Pune) every single day, to distribute home cooked meals to the homeless and make sure they eat at least one WHOLESOME MEAL a day. They also gives food packets of freshly cooked meals to 10 POLICEMEN working in that area.

Next time you feel you want to change something the world, start by changing something around you. That’s a big step in itself. The world doesn’t need miracles. The world only needs a few more people like Prof. Nikita Gosavi and her husband. We at Kalamwali salute Prof. Nikita Gosavi and her husband for their selfless righteousness and courageous initiative to help those suffering during the lockdown.

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