Being her

By Dr Nishan in Poems » Short
Updated 02:52 IST Jul 09, 2020

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The driest Sahara that the rain can't quench , let her thirst pour like the rapids and the floods. 

The dilapidated dreams that saw no dawn , let her dream till her soul finds rest. 

Are you the bird who left the nest to find the rest.. 

 Who burnt it's wings by the wrath of the sun.. 

Let the Nightingale sing at the emperor sill..

Let the gleeful music make her free 

If you can't bear her heat.. 

If you can't see her dreams .. 

If you can't touch her soul.. 

If you can't love her scars.. 

Go shoot her in the head , let her crown fall to the ground .. 

Oh .. the fiery fate of life , take one final look , a million forms are spurting out from every drop of blood you shed.. 

No matter how many swords you sway...

You still cant stop her throbbing heart... 

That dreamed , that loved , that yearned , that fought... 

That chose to fly above the nest you made...

That chose to fight the rest you tamed . 

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