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I am a Qualified Dental Surgeon .Wife to a Machinery Engineer , mother to a little boy and a forever travelling Expat currently residing in Houston,Texas. I ve explored a lot and learnt about Expat living for more over a decade. Among the various places I stayed I would love to call Singapore ,my Expat home.
Passionate about Human mind and it's behavior, I went ahead to complete my Psychology & Mental health care programs from Texas A&M University. If am not pulling out teeth in a Clinic, you will find me attempting those curiously difficult Headstands at the Yoga studio (in a Pre Covid era) I finished my internship with 7 cups on Active Listening& Counseling. I was Stunned to see how the alternative healing modalities like Reiki, Yoga , mindfulness meditation and spirituality help people manage a broad spectrum of debilitating mental disorders . So I went ahead and learnt them personally .
I am always open to learning new things in life with an undying Passion. I am looking forward to discover a new part of myself which am just beginning to love and learn and explore my writing skills on this Platform. This is my self healing journey where I decide to stand up and speak for myself , listen to my inner voice and get to know my real self ,explore it and make peace with it.
  • Being her
    Dr Nishan | 09-Jul-2020
    The driest Sahara that the rain can't quench , let her thirst pour like the rapids and the floods.  The dilapidated dreams that saw no dawn , let her dream till her soul finds rest.  Are you the bird who left the nest to find the rest..   Who burnt it's wings by the wrath of the sun..  Let the Nightingale sing at the emperor sill.. Let the gleeful music make her free  If you can't bear her heat..  If you can't see her dreams ..  If you can't touch her soul..  If you can't love her scars..  Go shoot her in the head , let her crown fall to the ground ..  Oh .. the fiery fate of life , take one final look , a million forms are spurting out from every drop of blood you shed..  No matter how many swords you sway... You still cant stop her throbbing heart...  That dreamed , that loved , that yearned , that fought...  That chose to fly above the nest you made... That chose to fight the rest you tamed . 
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  • The Fallen rose !!
    Dr Nishan | 11-Jul-2020
    Smoking a cigar she stood by the street swaying her hips , a tune on her lips  Swirling her heels in graceful abandon  She scanned the crowd for a hopeful acquaintance The red lips she flaunted was too much a cliche The make up had caked and the frowns wrinkled . The kohl smudged over like spilled over wine. The ladies shyed away as she walked down the streets  The men ogled her in all ways they could . The sagging boobs,muddy heels ,greying and balding hair lines  Some fret, some laughed at her staggering gait  "Old hag", they whispered and whistled as she slouched into the evening bar   The prime of a dancer, a singer, saw such great falls .. she loved many and many loved her but couldn't belong to any .  In search of fame and riches she remembered the days she danced with her soul and spirit . Now the empty womb s throbbing for a child who would hold her hand for one last time  Now the days gave birth to lonely nights where she sat and knit with a br
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  • Hey girl... This is for you and me!
    Dr Nishan | 14-Jul-2020
    They will tell you what to eat and when  They will decide the length of your skirt  They will judge you upon the tone of your skin and the paint on your  lips They will assume why you are fat or skinny  If you are successful, probably you are infertile  If you are a home body , probably you ain't competent enough  They say , they judge, they slay ,they will hurry ,they  will complain  . They will never have enough of you .You will never be enough for them. They will fight for even the last bit of you. But that's not your burden , girl... You came alone and you WILL leave alone .  Go , Love fiercely ... Dance without those heels.....lift those weights .... Eat the cake....and buy that dress...meet your friend for no reason.... Take time to feel the breeze on your face ... Walk enough, sleep enough , rest enough . Only so much you can do for yourself . Learn to say NO and re learn to stick by it.  Let's not betray our bodies and minds for we embrace wh
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  • Listening.........
    Dr Nishan | 15-Jul-2020
    Listening with eyes closed  Listening with open heart  Listening with a flawless ego Listening with  empathy  Listening is empowerment  Listening is connection  Listening is magical  Listen to yourself and those who mean to you . Listen to those who doesn't matter to you. Listen to nature and learn to nurture Listen to Music and folk lores and fables  Listen to caress the wounds and scars  Listen to pains that took you so far  Listen to re learn all that's learnt  Listen to undo all that you have done........  Under the layers of flesh and bones we are all nothing but only one !!          
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