Hey girl... This is for you and me!

By Dr Nishan in Daily Musings
Updated 05:49 IST Jul 14, 2020

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They will tell you what to eat and when 

They will decide the length of your skirt 

They will judge you upon the tone of your skin and the paint on your  lips

They will assume why you are fat or skinny 

If you are successful, probably you are infertile 

If you are a home body , probably you ain't competent enough 

They say , they judge, they slay ,they will hurry ,they  will complain  . They will never have enough of you .You will never be enough for them. They will fight for even the last bit of you.

But that's not your burden , girl... You came alone and you WILL leave alone . 

Go , Love fiercely ... Dance without those heels.....lift those weights .... Eat the cake....and buy that dress...meet your friend for no reason.... Take time to feel the breeze on your face ...

Walk enough, sleep enough , rest enough . Only so much you can do for yourself . Learn to say NO and re learn to stick by it. 

Let's not betray our bodies and minds for we embrace what we are made up of .

Let the healing begin , let the sutures blend  

For then the sparkle of your eyes may rekindle your spirit 


Because, When YOU stop to smell the roses , no judgement can fade the fragrance of your spirit !!  



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sanchita 04-Aug-2020 15:03

Hi Nisha...how are you doing? nice work..keep writing

Dr Nishan 29-Aug-2020 10:44

Thanks a lot Sanchita.. Really good to meet you up here .. thanks for reaching out to me .

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