A wish for you

By Mohini Limaye in Poems » Short
Updated 07:45 IST Aug 06, 2016

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To love u was my choice..
I relish every moment of rejoice!

Connotation of Love, life, compassion is you..
Merely knew them as words till I met you!

May God bestow a lotta success..
A matter of pride n happiness to hear ur praise!

Times will change for the best..
And Life will be none less than a fest! 

May success touch ur feet..
Coz a perfectionist has no one to beat!

Grow year after year..
And Don't forget gratitude and prayer!

Phenomenal combo of creativity n brilliance is truly rare, 
That is why my Man ❤️U r dear! 








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taabiirdaan 31-Aug-2016 16:24

"Grow year after year..
And Don't forget gratitude and prayer!"
Golden lines!!!

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