A cool head and a sweet speech keeps untoward events out of reach! (to some extent)

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Updated 12:13 IST Nov 26, 2019

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Before a few years, I had the privilege to meet Deepa Malik – she is an athlete, biker, swimmer and first Indian woman to win medals in Paralympic category. At that time, I didn’t know her story but after meeting her in a corporate event (she was a motivational speaker) and hearing her story, I googled her. Her story is truly an inspiring and amazing one.  For those who do not know, she was diagnosed with a spinal tumour at the age of 36, which left her paralysed below the waist. After this tragedy she decided to enter sports and now has many awards and recognitions to her name.

I still remember her one sentence which she said has helped her sail through her medical crisis and the life afterwards. It is “dimaag par baraf and muh mein chini” which means a cool head and a sweet speech. She said that she was in such a phase of life that for all the things, she was dependent on others and couldn’t do anything on her own. When you are independent in life and if a tragedy strikes leaving you dependent, asking for help becomes very difficult. So, you have to be very humble and coolheaded while asking for help otherwise it becomes difficult for you as well as the person helping you.

I am trying to follow this sentence in my life. It’s not easy though! 

I feel this should be applied not only in a medical crisis but in all aspects of our life. When you don’t react immediately to a situation and think before any action, much of the unwanted events can be avoided which is always better than to undo/revert the events after they occur. Many a times I have been able to come to a better solution by not reacting instantly. So folks, try this dimaag par baraf and muh mein chini wala attitude and it will help us sail smoothly through many difficult situation, which in turn, will reduce chaos and bring peace to our life and world. And as Charles Swindoll has aptly quoted “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

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