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Mardaani: Star Cast: Rani Mukherjee & a brilliant supporting star cast!! Director: Pradeep Sarkar Yash Raj Films. This is an extremely fast paced unconventional Bollywood movie. The story revolves around Shivani (Rani) who is a Crime Branch Officer, living with her partner, a level headed doctor and her 12 year old niece (an orphan) in a humble set up. Shivani is passionate about what she does and is in every sense Mardani. She hits like a bad cop, hurls abuses, smiles wicked where necessary and gets her work done. The other side of her is a loving and caring woman just how every woman is. She and her niece have befriended/adopted a girl from the signal who is the same age as her niece. Its beautiful to see something like this as its totally believable. So one day this girl "Pyaari" from the signal goes mysteriously missing from her shelter home. This is where the story begins. Shivani takes it upon herself to find Pyaari, and burst this racket. Its heart wrenching and stomach churning to see how these young girls get sucked into a well organised and completely coordinated sex racket. But this is reality. And Mardani at least shows us the cruel face of this racket. The mastermind behind this racket is really a master at his work and attacks Shivani's intentions in many brutal ways. But the climax is to watch out for. I was literally clenching my teeth. In my mind I had worn my boxing gloves and was bashing the hell out of the bad guys. Pradeep Sarkar's directions takes the credit for it. And so does Rani"s performance. Not to forget the young and the posh looking 'bad guy' Overall a brilliant movie. I would say a must watch. My verdict: ****
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artofchandra 02-Jan-2017 13:25

I liked the film for sure. In the presence of stalwarts like Rani Mukherjee, the guy who played the villain was great! They ruined the end though with that song :)

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