कोशिंबीर (Salad)

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People say there was a heaven and hell, I don’t know about, hell, there were heavens created on Earth in forms of Miami, Las Vegas, Brazil, and India’s own, GOA. Goa is a place which is made for all types and genres of people, young and old.

Some people have a different side to it, hell side, Drugs, illegal businesses related to humans and with them, people see this and then take their eyes away. Why?


              In Panaji, Goa,

              A warehouse is shown, where, some foreigners from places like UK, USA and Brazil show up a car shows up there with some men and a guy gets down, and the Brazilian person says, “Kenny!!!”

              Kenny Guerrero comes out and he has guns in his clothes and brings a bag with him and says, “People love to see the heaven side of Goa, we will show them more. (Opens the bag, it has weapons and drugs) This is hell, no, heaven!!!”

              Just then, they see cars coming and all dealers get angry and the UK guy says, “Police!!”

              Kenny says, “Why not!!!”

              One of the police cars crashes the door and Kenny looks and says, “Dashing entry, officer.”

              The officer gets down and it is, Officer Jai Joshi, starts firing….

              Kenny looks and fires back.

              They look at each other and he leaves the dealers and he makes a run. They have a car chase in the Goa streets. Kenny tackles him and leaves.


              An hour later,

              Jai is in the Captain’s cabin and they are talking and Jai says, “We have recovered the weapons, dealers and drugs, sir.”

              The Captain, D’Souza says, “You have done a good job officer, but Kenny’s is been killing a lot of people and bringing drugs in, people, I mean, gangsters.”

              Jai says, “I will bring him in.”

              Captain says, “You will, but, there is pressure mounting on us from Delhi and Mumbai, so,”

              Jai says, “So?”

              Captain says, “CBI is sending an officer, he is on his way.”


              After sometime,

              A car arrives and CBI Officer, Deva ‘Dev’ Nimbalkar gets down and meets the Captain. Soon then, they are having a meeting with all cops, Jai arrives and starts a presentation.

              Jai says, “Kenny Guerrero, came in Goa two years ago, works as a freelance assassin and dealer, takes jobs for money and earns millions.”

              Dev says, “Why Goa, I mean, he could go international?”

              Jai says, “The reason may be this guy, Edward Gonzales, owns hotels and resorts in many Goa beaches, rumour is, he is also into assassinations and extortions. He gives many deals to Kenny and he does it for money, I think they have a connection, but, we have no proof.”

              Dev says, “We cannot just arrest Edward….”

              Captain says, “He is powerful, by money and connections, we arrested him once, a team of lawyers sued us and took millions from us and that was later donated back to us in form of police fund, such is his, attitude.”


              In a hut in the South Goa,

              Kenny comes and of his room and looks around and gets a text saying that some money was transferred in his account and some girls meet him later.

              He meets one of them and who happens to be Half British and Half Indian. They talk and they are seen drinking and talking. Kenny then looks around and says, “You have a nice accent I will say, Jen.”

              Jen says, “Thanks.”

              Kenny says, “Half British, really!!!”

              He touches one of her legs and removes a small gun and shoots at one of the cops dressed as tourists and holds her hostage.

              Jen pushes him and they have a small fight and the cops surround him and one of the girls throws a mini grenade and in the midst of the explosion, he escapes.

              Jai sees this and Dev is with him and they get a call and it is from Jen, Dev says, “Jen?”

              It is Kenny, “Nope, wrong person, honey trap, she was too sweet.”

              Kenny throws the phone away…..


              Later at night,

              A bunch of cars arrive and they stop in a dark lane and one of the cars open and Edward comes out and says, “Kenny!!!”

              Kenny comes out of the dark and hugs him and they sit inside. Edward says, “Police are chasing you, again.”

              Kenny says, “I have killed people, if you know, for you, with you, who were with you….”

              Edward says, “You should leave, our world has so many countries, you just choose one, everyone can be managed then.”

              Kenny says, “I have had a special connection with you for so many years and, no.”


              Jai and Dev are seen quarrelling about their failure in front of the station cops.

              Jai says, “We shouldn’t have send the girl, it was your idea.”

              Dev says, “You shouldn’t have send the cops, the girl was doing the job right.”

              Jai says, “Kenny is gone, we could have him.”

              They leave….

              Jai arrives home and sees an old picture and he meets his wife, Asha and Dev returns to his room and gets a call from his mother who lives in Mumbai.


              Next day,

              There is a police chase going on and Kenny is seen ahead and says, “Leave me, guys, please.”

              Edward calls him and he says, “Come at the house, need you.”

              Kenny smiles and sees a fish truck and shoots and distracts the police.

              He comes and sees him with his henchmen.

              Edward says, “Our rival is getting strong, Kalra.”

              Kenny says, “He has to fall, doesn’t he?”

              Edward says, “Our source says that he will be attending a meeting with the Governor.”

              Jai and Dev are hearing this from a distance from a mike placed in the house.


              At the Governor’s office,

              Kalra is seen striking a deal with the Governor and the officers are outside and Kenny enters the building as a member of Staff.

              Dev happens to see this and he takes Jai, Kenny gets inside and sees the security. Just then, Kalra comes out and Kenny removes a gun with a silencer attached and as he is about to shoot, Jai shoots him and security saves the Governor and Kalra. Kenny sees Kalra and attacks him, Dev spears him.

              They have a fight and Dev puts him through a window and Kenny says, “That was some pain…”

              He then kicks him back and makes a run and Jai shoots him in the leg and he falls down and gets arrested.

              As he is brought in chains, other officers are applauding and he sees the Captain and moves on. He is then put inside the interrogation room and they are seen talking and no one knows what they are talking. The talk ends with Jai punching Kenny.

              More CBI officers arrive there to take Kenny and he is brought outside, he has a small pin and which he has removed from the grenade from his suit, the explosion takes place. He gets out of the chains and kicks Jia. He attacks the Captain and holds him hostage, and Dev by mistake shoots the Captain in the chest and Kenny breaks his neck which results in killing him and escapes.

              Captain is declared killed in action and Dev is confronted by the other officers and gets out and is warned.


              Kalra then plans an all attack on Edward. Edward meets Kenny again. Dev happens to have dinner and drink with Jai and Asha. A car watches them and passes away.

              Kenny is inside a hotel and is having a drink and Dev arrives there and removes his gun puts it on the table. Kenny smiles and says, “You have courage, more than that the other one, he is naïve, you are, not.”

              A waiter comes and asks for the order and Dev says, “Let me guess, you don’t drink much, he will have a beer.”

              Kenny smiles and says, “You do!!! Whiskey, on the rocks for him, good guess.”

              Dev nodes and says, “You should leave this job, there is no good in this, Edward and Kalra will die someday, and then you will.”

              Kenny says, “You see, someone said, if you good at something, do it better, I am the best at killing people for money, I love that. If I leave this, what will I eat or (takes a sip of the beer) drink?”

              Dev says, “You will die.”

              Kenny says, “You are from Mumbai right, have you ever had this, Salad (कोशिंबीर), a perfect blend of some nice items you know, curd, vegetables and salt, our life is also something like that, your attitude, Jia’s ego, my, confidence. Confidence of killing you and him.”

              Just then Edward comes and sits and says, “He is right, he has never missed a shot, you can ask me.”

              Edward puts his gun ahead and says, “So , officer, what happens now, two on one gun fight, or,?”

              Jia then sits in the other chair and says, “Two on two.”

              Kenny smiles again and says, “This is, fun.”

              They all point guns at each other and get up slowly and the gangsters leave....

              Kenny winks at the officers and leaves.


              As the officers get out of the hotel, Kalra sees them and says, “Officers!!!”

              Dev sees and they are having a meeting and Kalra says, “I am also a criminal, I want to leave all this and live happily and it will only happen when, Edward and his right hand, Kenny dies.”

              Dev says, “You have done things in the past which I know very well, but, we cannot just not notice it.”

              They leave and some officers are gossiping and drinking feni, and one of them says, “What happened between Dev Sir and Kalra?”

              Jai comes and sits down and says, “I read in a file, Kalra was working with Edward and they had a rivalry against Dev, things got worse, Dev was found on a hill with his car upside down and exploded. When they came to Goa, they had different opinions, Kalra screwed Edward and they are rivals since.”


              Two days later,

              Kalra calls Edward for work, Edward gets suspicious and takes Kenny with him.

              After sometime,

              Jai and Dev leave the police station with others, as planned.


              Kalra’s convoy arrives at the an airport, and later, Edward arrives with Kenny and henchmen.

              Kalra says, “For years we have been rivals, Ed, but things should change, they will. we have done things bad and worse, we cannot change that, but now, we can start new. Increase our businesses and play in millions.”

              Edward says, “You have ideas, Kalra, what’s you have always had and that is the reason you were with me as a, right hand like, Kenny.”

              Kenny looks and smiles and says, “Sure.”

              Kalra says, “I know the look, Kenny, we can work as partners, you and me.”

              Edward smiles and says, “He will not work for you, with you, Kalra.”

              Kenny removes his gun and says, “I am confused, let me think, (walks at Kalra), PARTNERS!!!”

              Edward and his men are shocked and he screams his name.

              But then, Kenny points his gun at Kalra and Edward smiles again and just then, Jai and Dev arrive there.

              They have a shootout.


              Kalra escapes and Kenny makes a run behind him. He gets inside a car, Kenny takes a huge gun from a dead henchmen and fires it many times and explodes it and kills him.

              Jai is seen fighting with the henchmen and Kenny kills them one by one and they have a fight.

              Edward and Dev are face to face and they are seen fighting.

              Kenny gets beaten badly and he gets shot by a tranquilizer dart all of a sudden and falls down at Jai’s feet.


              Edward sees the gun lying around and points at Dev and says, “You just have your mother, remember, I killed the others.....”

              Dev sees a chain and throws it at cuts Edward’s hand and the gun at him and shoots him in the head....

              Dev looks at the dead Edward and says, “That’s what you think!!!!”


              Kenny wakes up and he is seen handcuffed to Jai and Dev and he is between them inside a police van.....

              Kenny says, “So, Edward and Kalra are dead!!!”

              The officers laugh at him and tease him as he will be leaving for jail time and Kenny says, “When I was young too, you guys are ganged up on me, now, same!!!!”

              The officers stop laughing and says, “One sec, what do you mean when you were young?”

              the other officer says, “You know them?”


   Kenny smiles and says,

                                         “THEY ARE MY BROTHERS!!!!”                                                  


              Jai and Dev smile....

              the officers are shocked and Kenny looks at Jai and Dev and says, “Introductions, please!!!”

              Jai says, “Jai Joshi aka, Vikram Nimbalkar.....”

              Kenny says, “Kenny Guerrero aka, Aditya Nimbalkar.”

              Dev says, “Deva Nimbalkar!!!”

              The officer says, “Your brothers were dead.”

              Dev says, “Thats what many people thought, that day when Kalra planned my death, i pushed them out, they were young, and i was injured, and Jai, sorry, Vikram took Aditya away.”

              Aditya says, “As nobody saw us alive that much, I left India and studied outside and Vikram finished his studies and joined Police in a new name and a new identity.”

              Vikram says, “We knew Edward was a fraud and we wanted revenge and so we trained Aditya as an assassin, he killed only those who wanted dead by us.”

              Aditya says, “I was working undercover and I helped trace Kalra and Edward. I saw them when they were having dinner, heared them talking to Kalra when I was with Edward.”

              The officer says, “One sec, what happened inside the interrogation room?”              They all smile at each 


              In the interrogation room,

              Kenny says, “As you have placed a device because of which they cannot hear us talk, why did you shoot me?”

              Jai says, “It was nothing, it was no where near the bone.”

              Kenny says, “Say him something, dada (older brother).”

              Dev says, “C’mon guys, behave, we have been working so neat, why are you messing it up?”

              Kenny says, “Yeah, six years, I haven’t seen mother, Jai sees her, from a corner. I saw you that day.”

              Dev says, “I saw you both, you could have blown your covers. And you calling her from other numbers.”

              Kenny says, “By the way, your Captain is a traitor.”

              Dev says, “What?”

              Kenny says, “He works for both, Edward and Kalra. I saw him when I left Edward’s place, he came and saluted him and was handed with a bag of money, (he passes a pendrive to Jai) it has all illegal accounts of your dear Captain. Then i spotted him talking to Kalra and he gave all the weapons and drugs which were caught by Jai that day.”

              Jai says, “Now what, he should die?”

              Kenny looks at Dev and says, “You are older, you decide, i can kill him.”

              Dev agrees and says, “How?”


              Vikram says, “We then made a quick plan to kill him and then Dada shoot Captain by mistake.”

              The officers are still in shock and says, “Weird, man.”

              The police van stops, The C.B.I. officers are seen, they remove Aditya’s handcuffs and another car arrives and Jen and the trio’s mother comes out.

              Jen looks at Aditya and punches him in the face and she says, “That was for knocking me out.”

              Aditya says, “It was softer than this.”

          Jai laughs and Aditya says, “I could have beaten you if she didnt hit me with that silly dart!!!”

              He hugs his mother and months later, the plan has been revealed, the Nimbalkar Family with Jen and Asha, are seen having dinner at a Goa beach.

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