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Youth is the act of life where complication takes you to climax. The climax resolves in resolution or denouement.

At our hostel's porch, we, friends, were having an open discussion on the youth. Everyone talked about their future planning, having a big bungalow,  a gorgeous wife, children and large amount of Rupees. There, I found that everyone have a G.F. but me.

I came to my room through gloomy staircases. I laid on my bed and started thinking about a dream girl. Thoughts of her seduced me so much so that I knocked the door of beauty and entered into the slumber of her heart. Her eyes were like a fish and made me lusty and eager. She was very beautiful and modern-social girl. She talked to me about her aspirations and social feelings. I said, "Your aspirations very much similar to mine."

Then, I fall in her love. I started praising her work, automatically. We, both, expressed our thoughts through social activities we participated in.

One day, I was dating with her. We were having a fun. Then, the climax came. An old lady came to us begging for alms. I took out my wallet to give alms to that old lady. She blessed me and ran away with my friend having eyes like fish.

Another day, I met my dream girl. But she hesitated to talk to me. Then, I hold her hand amd pulled. I asked, "What's the matter with you? Why are you behaving like a strange woman?" She replied, "I don't like a people who want to impress a girl. I said, "That old lady was begging. So, I gave her alms. What's wrong in that? I have done my duty to help the poor."

She said that it was not a duty to give alms to poor but a social evil. She went away and never met me again. Then, I started thinking about - "WHAT ARE MY DUTIES?"

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