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Updated 23:13 IST Jun 20, 2019

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The kids have a Walmart “junk raid” ritual in the first few days of our stay in Macon. It has to be carefully administered while my sister is at work as Cheetos, Chips Ahoy, Gold fish, Gummies and Mac n cheese don’t really qualify as snacks in my sister’s jurisdiction.

At our loot check out counter, we met Tina. 

Effervescent, friendly and cheerful.

Tina works as the cashier at Walmart.

When I told her it was really inspiring to see her, do her work and I would love to write about her, she joked that it would cost me money.

Tina’s fun spirit, positive attitude and big heart taught me that no matter what storms life throws at you, when you take charge of the oars and infuse optimism in your journey then you simply have to,

“Row row row your boat , gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily,

Life is but a dream.”

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