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For anyone who’s a member at ABS, she is “Maushi”

Today while ambling on the treadmill, I had a tête-à-tête with her about life.

For starters, Maushi is Sindhu and just a few years older than me.

She lost her husband fifteen years back. Ever since, she has strived to single handedly raise her son, who is now a commerce student.

Maushi leaves home at 5.45am daily, after finishing her household chores.

Her travel to work involves a bus ride followed by a long walk.

She tells me she enjoys the morning breeze and the peaceful walk to work.

She emphasises on the importance of education. Having studied till 10th grade aided her a lot in financial and legal matters, after the passing of her husband. “Life has taught me one thing, if it throws problems at us, it teaches us to solve problems as well. One must stop relying on God. You can pray to God but you have to solve the problem yourself only.”

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