The Writer's Block(ed)

By Nikhil Maduskar in Stories » Fiction
Updated 23:00 IST Nov 03, 2016

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  Write... Write something, anything... Tell a story, create one... Live one. Feel the emotions rising... Look into  your heart, tell me what you feel... Is it love, romance or a tragic tale???

                                 Whatever it maybe, just say...  

  One might think that it is easy for a story teller to tell a tale and to pen down one... Not one but maybe the publishers might think so... Its business, print what will sell and animate, make a movie by which people can be entertained... Maybe a writer doesn't write becuase there is someone to read, but writes because the writer wants to... Someone will read, someone will live the story word to word and feel it cause the writer did and does live and feel the words that come to the mind as they are emotions bundled up in a book... In a story.

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