The Laburnum and the Gulmohar Tree

By Asmita Javdekar in Stories
Updated 12:56 IST Mar 10, 2019

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The Laburnum and the Gulmohar Tree grew next to each other.
One lucky day, they both dropped a seed each into the warm, moist soil below.
A plant began to sprout.
In a few years, it bore its first few flowers.
One beaming yellow, one crimson orange.
Soon, the bright sisters became the pride and joy of their family.
Time rolled by and they chose their own path to travel on.
When they fell in love and started their own families.
The little flowers blossoming from them, bore semblance but they now grew on separate trees. 
They were called cousins.
Over years of pollination and germination, 
cousins turned from second to third to 
Yet, one day in the early months of Summer, two trees,
One Laburnum growing along the bustling main road of Pune.
One Gulmohar, now called Royal Poinciana, growing in a quiet suburb of Brisbane, blossomed.
Never before had anyone seen, clusters of 
Beaming yellow and Crimson orange flowers swaying in unison.

Wise, old Nature had wisdom to share.
The core strength of a relationship lies in Love.
When we break the shackles of cages that define us, restricting our horizons, we unleash the real essence of the connection.
Then, relationships don’t feel forced,
They flow with the flow, they blossom in unison.

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