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Updated 21:50 IST Mar 07, 2019

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What lies behind us,

And what lies before us are tiny matters compared to

What lies within us

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Images on magazine covers, social media, on television and serials send a message that to be celebrated as a woman in today’s world, you must fit into a narrow window of what society thinks or considers attractive. Be it using the sauna belts to suck in the stomach, or those cheap fairness creams,where having a fair complexion is considered as beautiful. Everyday millions of woman across the world feel the pressure to look flawless. This in no way is related to being fit.

 In the honour of International Women’s day today, let us pledge to invest in our health .Let it be a journey towards wellbeing .Let it be a lifelong commitment. Some great ways to do this is letting them know that they are worth far more than the physical appearance, and that taking care of your health isn’t just about looking good but is also about being self-loving and accepting ourselves no matter the size and the shape. It is about having a peaceful mind. Being happy from within.

Praising girls and woman based on their qualities, aptitude and attitude may be the beginning to create a cultural shift. It is indeed a powerful way to encourage a healthy sense of self. Doing this will instil confidence and boost moral. Harsh self-criticism can lead to chronic health issues and depression.

How many times have you heard, “You just need to eat right and exercise?” it’s become the mantra of health conscious culture. But for most of us its sounds like we are being sentenced to a life of hard labor. Plus eating sprouts, or boiled chicken. Doesn’t sound much fun. But it’s the choice one needs to make   until it becomes a habit. Choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Incredibly, many of us think, nothing of spending hours researching and then days or weeks shopping for a new car or an appliance for your home. But you find it difficult to carve out 30 minutes a day to do something that will improve your health. Don’t wait until you get a wake-up call in the form of illness to begin taking care of your body. Make exercise an unshakable priority.

Being fit is a journey that one needs to choose .It is not about that perfect figure and it cannot be measured only by the weighing scales. Let us resolve to healthy lifestyle and mindful eating habits. Let it not be about physical appearance but about what lies within us. Let not the society steal that fire within you. Keep Shinning and embrace yourself truly.



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