The kind Boy

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My (almost) 6 year old daughter and me build stories in our free time. And sometimes I manage to pen them down too. This is one of our very initial attempts at it. So is me. Sa is her. Here goes... 


So: Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a little boy

Sa: That little boy loved to pluck flowers from the plants

So: One summer morning he set out in the woods and started picking some lovely flowers which were very fragrant

Sa: Just then he saw some footprints. He followed them and reached a beautiful castle

So: The castle had doors made out of mirrors. He saw his own reflection in the mirrors and realized that he had become very dirty and needed to clean up

Sa: So he went inside the castle and found a beautiful big bathroom. It was decorated with fresh flowers and even the soaps were in shape of flowers.

So: So he kept his own bunch of flowers and started washing himself up.

Sa: Just then he looked up in the mirror and saw a tall man standing behind him looking at him in surprise.

So: The boy got frightened. The man asked him in a deep voice, “who are you”?

Sa: The little boy got even more scared and started to run out of the bathroom straight to the door of the castle. The man tries to pick up a few things and throw them at the boy to stop him but he ran and reached the door.

So: Just when he’s about to exit the castle, the man shouted, “Stop”. “Please stop”. “I need your help”  

Sa: “What do you want from me? Please let me go. I am sorry I came inside the castle. I promise I will never disturb you again”

So: The man says, “No listen to me. A wicked witch has cast a spell upon me. Only a child who gives me the fragrant flowers, can relieve me from my spell.

Sa: The little boy calms down and says, “yes I will help you. But you must tell me why did the which cast a spell upon you and what is the spell?”

So: With a sad face, the man said, “I was once hunting in the woods and by mistake I injured the witch. She cursed me saying that I will never find my house and family. I can live in this castle but not go back home until a child hands me the fragrant flowers of the woods”.

Sa: So the little boy ran to the bathroom, collected the flowers picked by him and handed them carefully to the big man.

So: The big man suddenly remembered his house and thanked the little boy. He gave him a lot of lovely goodies from the castle and hugged him tight. They both left the castle and went back to their respective homes.

Together: They all lived Happily Ever After!!!


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sanchita 18-Nov-2016 21:00

Good imagination!

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