The journey of love

By abeer athar in Poems » Long
Updated 17:15 IST Mar 12, 2019

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To those loving nights
With the fairy lights
Magic is all that is inhaled
In this temple of emotions
Resides a heart of knight
Four a:m in the morning the clock strikes
That was when that love arrives
Not familiar with the face you always dreamt still beautiful but hard to recognise
Messy hair, nerdy face, pointed eyes
Dipped in sarcasm, fine like the red wine
And yes it arrives and nothingness leaves finally.. And again it's all smiles, all smiles..
And yes it arrives from places far away miles and miles..
And now this love reached the middle
With the loudest bumping heartbeats but that silent phone
Matching habits, colors and tastes like you found your clone
And suddenly love made you daring to chat under the blanket..
Connection so strong like the opposite poles of magnet
And that first contact that takes place under the section called archived
That person that doesn't feels like a person anymore but a home.. Like a bee to its beehive..
And the darkest secrets start getting leaked
And so the love reached its peak
And finally this love departs
And leaves you with a broken heart
And it goes in the Same way it comes
Unexpectedly, unwantedly and silently not like the kings parchment with the rolling drums
And the glass of the red wine becomes empty but it's a souvenir so it resides on that broken table
Not just a glass but a symbol of love that describes those short lived fables
And so finally this love departs and again nothingness arrives.. And again it's all broken hearts, broken hearts...



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