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And the heaven is left in the sea
And the sea drizzles the rain from the heaven
And darkness surrounds your eyes
But those hands devour the touches
Like a lioness just took the untrodden ways to her luscious prey to pacify her hunger
Touches so meek and gentle like that of the last few leaves solacing the branches in autumn
When it freezes, when it thaws
You tell the nuances in the seasons by the grasping skills of smelling ,so sharp, sharper than some predator's claw
And these fishes fly in the sullen silences of your brain
And the sun might ascends , below your feet, below the lane
And the moon might adorns the freezed hues of purple hay
And you might rebuke ,the fact of its actual grey
And these dews carry the ocean within them, curled
And below them these grasses might be the mountains of emerald
You think, you predict, you implement the signs of auguries of endings and beginnings
You live in this predicament, with your spirits, swinging
You were not given this world, you constructed it ..
You illuminated it, with these darknesses
It's strings tangled along your fingers
And these caricatures that you make by apodyopsising our descriptions
They are not merely freezed
You rule them
They move, they linger
My eyes dwell in this light but yours dwell in the darkness and look beyond what ,
Mine cannot
And I become blind when your perception gets hurled
Yes, you are not the blind, we are the blinds
Of your world.....


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