Sweat assures you’d never go dry!

By Kapil Muzumdar in Experiences
Updated 11:02 IST Jun 13, 2017

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How we view Struggle...

When we aim for something, we generally achieve it after some struggle. In the case of a luckier few, the struggle is lesser or close to none and in the case of the luckiest others, it is a hard and strenuous.

The ones who live through the extravagance of the struggle earlier in their career are generally stronger and get blessed with resilience. They get psychologically prepared for those tougher moments that their career may bring and learn to remain sane in the easier times they meet up with.

Many differ from the point of view that regards struggle as a blessing. And some consider that favor. But yes it is no good to embrace it and no bad to shun it either. But fruits ripened in the toil are always sweeter. Sweat assures you’d never go dry!

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