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If you do not, then you are as much a criminal as the one indulging in arson, rather you are a bigger criminal. An individual can pelt a stone or two, one can torch a bus or two, but you people are lynching and burning sensitive minds. Stop it.

Yes, you are better read, maybe you are better informed, yes you are far more intelligent than the average person, happy? But you are biased and indulgent and insensitive and it is visible, it is obvious!

Remember, the ability to remain tolerant to provocation varies from person to person. One may find your critique logical, another may not but shall remain steadfast, yet another may ignore and laugh back and then there will be someone who will talk back and debate. But, a major section of our society neither has linguistic ability nor the domain knowledge to counter your provocation. This section will keep quiet, they will keep burning inside, they will want to express but will suppress their anger. Then one day they will cross the tipping point and then YOU will be responsible for the reaction. And let me tell you that the reaction will be violent, very violent.

You want that to happen? Some of you do, we are not naïve to not understand your dirty intentions. Whether you are doing this deliberately or not, it is good time to STOP. NOW!

Today there is a significant section of our society that is indifferent to the campus news. There is a significant section who is secretly happy about the news. There is a reason for this insensitivity, YOU are the reason. YOU have poked and made a mockery of their sentiments. This section will continue to remain such when one day YOU will suffer; they will clap for your fall. I am sure you won’t be in the position to influence then, will you?


To my friends, to all of us who are witnessing this changing social behavior; remain calm, remain as unshakable to provocation as possible. Our way of life is far too good to be bothered by the rant of these instigators. Our way of life has stood the test of time and shall continue to excel, we shall continue to celebrate it. Don’t indulge, don’t mimic these faceless trolls, don’t stereotype your own friends. Focus on your craft, your work, your family and your pursuit. Most important, ignore the fools, they will vanish automatically, they don’t have the core to last, we do.

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Aditya 07-Jan-2020 18:28

Thank you for the likes, it is a rarity on this forum, so I must have earned it. Thank you once again.

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