Star Crossed

By Manali Jobanputra in Stories » Fiction
Updated 01:09 IST Dec 01, 2017

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Like coffee on a cold winter night, Like the morning sunrise after a dark stormy night, he walked into her life, her Mr. RIGHT !


No it wasn’t the cliched love at first sight, nor was it the typical conventional love story; meet, date, repeat! NOOOO, this was absofuckinglutelyexceptional.


They saw each other everyday, but rarely even said ‘Hi’. Their paths crossed several times a day, but every time they’d just walk away. Then one beautiful morning, he sat beside her talking about some random shit, (probably the first time they ever spoke) and she was totally amused by his non-stop talking, coordinated hand gestures and timely expressions. Something about him piqued her interest, she had no idea what. Maybe his non-stop talking and expressions :p


He hadn’t intrigued her enough for her to be attracted to him. She enjoyed his company but his absence didn’t really matter, when he spoke, she’d laugh and giggle but she’d be okay even if he weren’t around. Slowly they began talking more often, and on a wider spectrum of aspects. They’d joke about people around them and laugh until their cheeks blushed. Their friendship was still blooming. She still didn’t miss his absence, but definitely enjoyed being around him.


Suddenly one night she dreamt of him. She dreamt of them being romantically involved with each other. She woke up confused, wondering what the fuckkkkk? Without giving it much thought she brushed it off and moved on with her day. The next night, she had another dream of them being romantically involved, and again she woke up wondering what on earth was going on, but she had a wide smile on her face and she suddenly started missing him. She realized that she had suddenly developed feelings for him. It was so weird, as though the universe had conspired it all ; the dreams, her feelings all of it.


She couldn’t decide if she should let him know or not. That morning, she couldn’t wait to see him, and as he walked in the door, a thousand butterflies fluttered in her stomach. That day, she couldn’t take her eyes off him, and how she wanted to just go up to him and spill her feelings. She was suddenly so enticed by him, having no idea why. She had no control, it felt as though some force was driving her to be attracted to him.


After spending the entire day contemplating, she finally decided to break the news to him that night. As he drove her back home, she just blurted it out. She couldn’t contain it any longer, and it was an involuntary reflex. He looked at her, right into the eyes. He was surprised, thought she was kidding. She kept looking into his eyes, with passion and intensity. His reply surprised her, he smiled and said that he had been attracted to her long before today, but he wasn’t sure if he should have told her. That was it, there was a moment, and they knew in that moment that they were meant to be.


She is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. It’s the kind of love you read about in books and fairy tales. She doesn’t need a piece of paper to validate their togetherness, she doesn’t need him to say “I love you”, because his actions scream it louder than his voice ever could, and lastly, she doesn’t need a relationship tag to know that she belongs with him.

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