Ode to the Ordinary

By GOLAKAR in Poems » Long
Updated 12:05 IST Apr 27, 2017

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Ode to the ordinary

the everyday

the common

all the things that everyone has

and no one wants


ode to the things that

make us human

to all the things good

but not good enough

they become the ocean


ode to the ordinary

who are here

just because they are supposed to be

giggling and gossiping

remembering who said what and when

but when the time comes

their lips are vowed to silence


ode to the ordinary

whose morality flickers

as they sell their soul

for little pleasures

ode to the drunken, jobless, homeless,

the perverts who ogle at women

the non-productive who fritter away their lives

just like that

who die everyday


every time


ode to the ordinary

who live in sperms and die in them too

a strange similarity binds them

in life and death

ode to the ordinary

who all look the same

want the same

live the same

wherever they are

however wide in space and time


ode to the ordinary

who die in wars, tsunami, mill strikes

or just for the want of a blanket

whose search for fortune

ends in the assurance of death

and dangle on walls  made

of unfulfilled dreams

as they slowly disappear in the abysses of time


ode to the ordinary

who stand in the background

and only values things which others have

they sleep with hands on their heart

dreaming of all that could go wrong once they wake up

their whole life spent waiting for

better days


ode to the ordinary

whose search for meaning take them

everywhere but inwards

who have no enemies nor  friends

live lonesome amongst their families

ode to the ordinary

they were there at the beginning

and they will be there in the end

as stand-bye

to witness and wait


ode to the ordinary

in whose heart hemlock simmer

as they curse the light and are blinded

by the glittering darkness

who despises the different

and then repent in silence for

ages and ages


ode  to the ordinary

no one ever sees the fire in their soul

while they celebrate others

and it is their hope which creates heroes

ode to the deathless

who will be there forever

making others shine

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