My Evil

By Kalamwali in Experiences
Updated 18:31 IST Oct 08, 2016

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Evil doesn't always have a face or a body. Evil could be anything that stops, resists or delays any kind of goodness or positivity from entering. Evil doesn't even have to be something external. It could totally be something within that we maybe harbouring. Unintentionally, that too.

My personal evil that kept me disturbed and restless for a long time was my habit of overthinking. I found immense entertainment in overthinking incidents, conversations, repercussions, comments, observations, implications and so on and so forth. I have no idea when I adopted this but it stayed with me for quite some time.

A simple comment would leave me analysing it for hours. I over imagined the thought behind everything. Even a simple "Hi"
from someone unexpected. Over indulged in thinking there was more to it. I had the knack for converting something positive into something not so positive just with my art of overthinking! Which I had mastered.

One day somehow I woke up and realised that my head was way heavier than it should be and what was in it was mostly fictitious. That massive heaviness left me with zero mindshare for productivity or creativity. That, was the moment I knew something had to change.

I had to make space in my head for things I was meant to actually think about. And since, I have consciously been making an effort to assign only minuscule amount of mind share to things that don't or shouldn't matter. Now that I have travelled a distance I can safely say "Overthinking" was the evil I had to put an end to. It was holding me back from doing so many things, I can do now. Happily and with a light heart and head!


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Nishigandha Kavade-Patil 09-Oct-2016 02:46

So well written! This has shed light on my evil which is Over Analysing things. Thanks for reminding to make a conscious effort towards eliminating this evil. :)

Kalamwali 09-Oct-2016 08:41

@nishigandha thank you. It's unbelievable how much energy, overthinking drains!

Neha Jain 09-Oct-2016 10:42

To identify what's this "evil" is not easy ! And then to work on it , even tougher .. hats off to you 👌🏼

Kalamwali 09-Oct-2016 11:22

@neha Jain thanks a lot.. Much love

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