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Updated 11:44 IST Oct 04, 2016

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At one of the busy signals in the city, which I need to cross at least 2-3 times a day, there's a little girl who has been exhibiting fun dance and flexibility moves for at least 3 years now. She's probably the most familiar face amongst "strangers on the road". More so because she is consistent and friendly (only if you have the time to look at her and spare a smile).

Now that it's a ritual to say hello to Muskaan (her name {perfectly given to her}), it's amazing how Muskaan finds me irrespective of how I am commuting. She's found me while hitching a ride in the car I don't normally commute in; in autos amongst a swarm of vehicles at that busy signal and on foot while crossing the street.
And what does she do when she finds me? Comes running to say "hi Didi"! "Kaisi ho" "kal nahi dikhi" "pyaari dikh rahi ho"

There have been times when I haven't spotted her, and vice versa. There have been days when I have been too preoccupied to look out for Muskaan. But there hasn't been a single time that Muskaan has seen me and not come to lighten up that moment for me with her bright smile.

- Kalamwali

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Neetu Kapoor 04-Oct-2016 18:30

Good that u acknowledge ur .smile worth ofsmile made muskaan.

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