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            Rihaan then arrives with Raghu in Nepal and they meet their contact and he tells them that he did see Mr. Khan around and then he also kept a check on him, but some days ago, some people came to meet him and took him with them and he followed them but he couldn’t see where he took them.

            Rihaan then gives the contact a packet of money and he leaves.

            Rihaan says, “Mr. Khan is a surgeon right, if, if we see, he was taken by someone, the person whoever would be was damaged externally and needed operation, but who?”

            Raghu says, “Ghost!!!!”

            Rihaan says, “May be, oh no, what if Diablo is alive?”

            Raghu says, “May be!!!”

            Rihaan says, “Not May be, Mr. Khan also specializes in burned wounds treatment and I did throw Diablo in the fire a year ago and what if he was treated by Mr. Khan?”

            Raghu says, “You might be correct for once.”

            Rihaan says, “If Diablo is alive, then!!”

            Raghu says, “All will start again!!!”

            Rihaan says, “We have to find him.”

            They call the contact and he takes him to place where he could follow Mr. Khan and they walk through mountains and hills ranges.

            Two days later, they see a temple like structure and they arrive there and Raghu hides Rihaan quickly and says, “What?”

            Raghu shows him the cameras and Rihaan says, “Why there would be cameras here?”

            Raghu says, “We are at the right place.”

            They then send a mechanized bug and they hack all the cameras and they get inside the temple.

            Inside the temple, they see monks and Rihaan watches closely and sees guns hidden inside the clothes.

            They then see monk clothes and they wear it and stay there for a while and sometime later at night, a hooded guy comes and gathers them all and he opens his hood and it is Ghost and Rihaan says, “I am going to kill him.”

            Ghost says, “Brothers and sisters, thank you for the patience you have shown for so many years, our master who has been sleeping for a while, will soon wake up and be ready to rule again and be the leader of us, Hail Diablo!!!!”

            Rihaan says, “We were right, Mr. Khan is treating Diablo!!! We have to get inside.”

            Raghu says, “No, if we go in and get caught, Ghost will kill us and Diablo when he will get up, he will attack our City. What we can do now, destroy this facility.”

            Rihaan says, “Nice idea.”

            They then beat some men and they take their grenades with detonators and put them in places.

            Rihaan says, “Now?”

            Raghu says, “Showtime.”

            At night, Ghost, Queen and Mr. Khan are in the main place where Diablo’s chamber is there and just then they hear a whistling sound and Ghost says, “Did you hear that?”

            The whistling sound becomes loud and it stops.

            Queen says, “It must be one of our men, or?”

            Ghost says, “Or!!!”

            Mr. R jumps in front of them and says, “The City’s savior and your punisher are here.”

            Ghost says, “Nice to see you, hero!!!”

            Mr. R looks at the chamber and says, “I see, my old friend is alive.”

            Queen says, “Yes, he is just alive to kill you, Mr. R.”

            Mr. R says, “The thing is, you can’t kill what won’t die.”

            Ghost says, “Nice words. Let us fight.”

            Ghost becomes invisible and attacks Mr. R and as he cannot see him, Mr. R sees a paint container and throws it at Ghost and he becomes a bit visible, Mr. R kicks and punches him. Queen comes there with her knife and Mr. R has a two on one fight.

            The henchmen there come to help, but get stopped by Leo and he attacks them.

            Mr. R says, “Leo, finish Diablo!!!”

            Leo then comes at the Diablo’s chamber but, Queen stops him and hits him with the knife.

            Mr. Khan then removes all the wires of the chamber and takes it with him outside the temple.

            Mr. R then presses the buttons on the detonators and explosion starts happening. Ghost and Queen leave the facility.

            Mr. R sees Mr. Khan leaving with the chamber in a trailer and Mr. R sees a machine gun and fires it and an explosion takes place and the trailer crashes and explodes.

            Mr. Khan gets out trailer and he is injured and gets admitted to the hospital.


Rihaan then arrives at the hospital and sees some police officers there and after they leave and he goes inside the room and Raghu whispers in his ear, “Police didn’t find anything inside the trailer, they did find a chamber, but it was empty.”

            He arrives at Mr. Khan and he starts to shiver and blood starts to come out from his ears and nose and he starts to die and Rihaan calls the doctors and he asks Mr. Khan about Diablo and in an uttering voice, he says, “He is still alive!!!”

            He dies then after sometime and police enter the scene and tell that they didn’t arrive earlier and the doctors say that some officers had shown up earlier and Raghu says, “That means?”

            Rihaan says, “Yeah. Ghost came as the officer and killed Mr. Khan as his work was done.”

            Rihaan and Raghu return back to the City.

            Queen arrives back at the damaged temple and a section opens and a chamber is present there and she says, “Hey Ghost, I found him.”

            They reach another facility and Animal Monster Scientist, Kunal Tyagi comes there and says, “First tests were good and went perfectly, now?”

            Ghost says, “Which animals have you created?”

            Kunal says, “Eagle, Cheetah, Wolf and Rhino.”

            Ghost says, “Alright, I will find you some subjects.”

            Queen says, “What about him?”

            Ghost looks at Diablo’s chamber and says, “He will rise.”

            Rihaan comes home and sees Tanya at the house and she sees a photograph and keeps it back and Rihaan just hugs her and doesn’t see the photo.





            There is a desert in Rajasthan and in a huge house, there are some terrorists making a plan there for a huge attack and the people living there tied as made them hostages. Just then, the huge door opens and a girl on a bike is there and she says, “Hey, boys!!!”

            She then removes her guns and starts shooting at the terrorists and some die and her bullets get over and then she removes her swords and she fights them and kills them and then she frees the people there and just then a voice comes says, “CUT!!!”

            The shoot gets over and the girl is the main lead of the movie, Saisha Thakur and the director says, “What a shot, Saisha, great!!!”

            Saisha says, “I know I gave a great shot, sir, I know this movie will go big and gain lots of money, it is me who was in this movie.”

            She leaves the set and goes inside her car and she rests there and just then she switches on the TV and sees news related to Mr. R and her assistant, Ashish comes in and says, “Mr. R, huh!!!”

            Saisha says, “Yes, I have been a great fan, I was just waiting for him to come back to the City.”

            Ashish says, “He had a fan before, if you know, she turned bad and went to prison.”

            Saisha says, “I am nothing like her. I just admire him for his courage. I wonder who he is in real.”

            Saisha then returns to the City and she gets home and the next day she is seen in gym doing gymnastics and Tanya comes there and says, “Hey, Saisha, your new dresses here.”

            Saisha meets Tanya and says, “The designs are great, it feels so nice, the fabric and material.”

            News footage of Mr. R then comes up and Tanya is about to say something and Saisha just pauses her and she keeps on watching the news and Ashish says, “She is a big fan of him.”

            Tanya says, “Who is not!!!”

            Saisha says, “I want to meet him someday.”

            Tanya then leaves the place and she arrives at the base and she sees Rihaan and looks worried and Tanya says, “Hey, you okay?”

            Rihaan says, “No, actually, Diablo is alive.”

            Tanya pauses for a moment and goes in some flashback where she is talking to someone and her mother and says, “Oh!!!”

Rihaan says, “Yeah, how much ever I try, he comes back and find some new ways to survive and tries to beat me, this time, I am not leaving him.”       

Tanya says, “Alright, calm down, please.”

She switches on the TV and Saisha comes up and her interview is on and she says, “My biggest inspiration for courage is Mr. R, the Icon of Justice.”

Rihaan says, “She is my fan.”

Tanya says, “You should meet here.”

Rihaan says, “Why!!! Now, I am actually scared to meet female fans after Neha’s incident.”

Tanya says, “That was long time ago.”

She then shows him the invitation of Saisha’s movie party premiere tickets and Rihaan agrees to accompany her.

Rihaan then arrives at the party with Tanya at night, he then sees Saisha and Tanya goes ahead and introduces him to Saisha.

Tanya says, “Saisha, this is Rihaan Kumar, head of Kumar Enterprises and my boyfriend.”

Saisha says, “I have heard of you a lot, Rihaan, you have sometimes impressed me.”

Rihaan says, “Thanks, I have been the right person at the right time.”

Just then, the doors break down and some men come there with guns and they start firing and Rihaan signals Tanya and as he is about to leave, Saisha attacks them and beats them one by one and a fake Mr. R comes there and she gets angry and says, “You are not the real Mr. R, how dare you, huh!!! Security, take him outside.”

Rihaan says, “That was terrific.”

He then comes to know that was a publicity stunt and praises Saisha and says, “You are real fan of Mr. R, what if he was real Mr. R?”

Saisha says, “No, I know when I see the real Mr. R, I will know he is the real, I just hate these copycats who try to be him.”

Rihaan says, “Me too.”

Saisha then goes to meet the reporters and Rihaan goes at Tanya and says, “I am meeting her.”

Tanya says, “Why so sudden!!!”

Rihaan says, “She’s hot.”

Tanya says, “What?”

Rihaan says, “She is hot.”

Tanya says, “Boys!!!”

At night,

Saisha is in her room and looks at Mr. R photos and videos and just then a text on her phone comes, “I heard you are a big fan.”

Saisha smiles and replies, “Who is this?”

The answer says, “Your inspiration.”

Saisha gets up from her bed and replies, “You are kidding, the whole world knows I am your fan, you are some other fan.”

The lights go off and a voice comes from behind, “I am not kidding.”

Saisha gets all excited and says, “You are real?”

Mr. R says, “Yes.”

Saisha says, “I am so excited, you know, it’s just, I cannot believe you are here, you have done so much for the City and saved it so many times and you have the right to be the symbol of the City.”

Mr. R says, “People like you also entertain the people and you also be the part of the symbol, which you call it, Saisha, people brave like you, inspire people like us.”

Saisha says, “I am delighted to hear all this, just speak up more.”

Mr. R says, “I just wanted to meet you and tell you that thank you for being such a fan or fans, you know, how they behave.”

Saisha says, “I know, I read about the Mrs. R, pathetic. I am not a fan like that. I am a good fan.”

Mr. R says, “I know, I can see it. Tell me about yourself?”

Saisha says, “I was a gymnast and so I can do my own stunts and I just felt after learning martial arts, this film industry needs an action actress and so I made my move here. Then I also your videos too till then and got inspired more.”

Mr. R says, “I have to go.”

Saisha says, “Can we take a picture?”

She turns back and takes her cell phone for a picture and sees that he is gone and she hears a bike noise and goes at her balcony and sees him leaving and takes a video of him leaving and smiles looking at him.

 Some days later,

Tanya is in her boutique and she sees the news and calls Rihaan to see the news and Rihaan switches on the TV and sees Saisha and she creates a small film on Mr. R and it is also the video of him leaving and all the videos are cut pasted together and what lines Mr. R yesterday, Saisha had recorded it and put it in the film and Rihaan smiles and Chang there says, “Congrats, Rihaan, our hero is a star, now!!!”

Rihaan laughs.

Saisha then at her place gets to know many nice responses and feedbacks have come on her film and people respect Mr. R a lot more and says, “I am a good fan.”

She then thanks Ashish for editing all the videos in the film.

Some days later,

Ujwal Naik is in his house and his son, Yuvraj comes home and brings a small package with him and gives it to his father and when he opens it and there are some letters from newspaper cuttings and Yuvraj helps his father to put them together and after sometime, Ujwal Naik says, “OH MY GOD!!!!”

The letters read together,



A text on his cell phone comes, “I am not kidding.”

Yuvraj says, “Dad, which means, he will come back here?”

Ujwal Naik says, “I am afraid, yes, son!!”

In Sri Lanka, there is a huge facility, where Kunal Tyagi is seen testing the subjects and says, “Ghost, the tests are successful.”

Ghost sees the locked animal monsters subjects in the chamber and says, “These guys will destroy the City.”

He then goes at Diablo’s chamber and says, “Master, The City will face a more dangerous threat.”

Rihaan is at his house and Chang says, “Did you hear about this guy who transferred the whole artificial intelligence software in his body and killed some guy called, Craig Muller some days ago and has came here to live, the article says that he lives on that AI after transferring some of it in the New York City.”

Rihaan says, “Who is this guy?”

Chang says, “Don’t know, someone just posted it.”

Rihaan says, “He can be useful if we find him.”

Chang says, “A hero, that means!! The team is increasing.”

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