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              Ryan D’Silva is a huge computer programmer and software designer and he lives in New York with his uncle, Xavier.

            Ryan after a year designing security software for companies gets an artificial intelligence and he names him, M.J. or MJ as he is a huge fan of Michael Jackson and gives him the voice of him too and he makes it wonderful, effective and reliable software too.

            Some days later, he puts MJ in all of the house, his car and phone (just like Jarvis is all around with Tony). Then many of his friends are impressed by it and Ryan’s girlfriend, Tina arrives back in the City and she is also impressed with MJ software.

            Tina who is a huge in software company knows that Ryan needs a huge break and Ryan says, “See, I know I shouldn’t ask for this, it’s like I am using you.”

            Tina says, “Tell me.”

            Ryan says, “Look at MJ, I suppose, I need a break here, talk to your company people, if MJ gets into the whole City, whole wide world, people using things can get simpler and reliable, it may be like relying on machines but, nothing can go wrong, I can be a good leader for it.”

            Tina says, “I will try.”

            After some days,

Ryan gets a call from Tina and she tells him that the company head wants to meet him and let them know MJ.

            Ryan gets ready for the meeting and reaches the office and meets the head and he is like of same age of Ryan and they have the meeting.

            Ryan shows them MJ, it working and etc and the head and the other members are impressed by him and the head calls him for a drink at night.

            At night, MJ wishes Ryan all the best and Ryan says, “Don’t you worry, buddy, you will go in nice hands.”

            MJ shows a smiley face on screen.

            Ryan then meets the head, Craig Muller and they meet him inside the cabin and Craig shows him a cheque and says, “Take it.”

            Ryan sees the cheque and sees that the cheque is of, five million dollars and he says, “This is huge.”

            Craig says, “I know, Five million dollars is a huge cheque, what we want from you is, you give us all the files, folders, patents related to what you call it, yes, MJ and take this cheque and live a happy life.”

            Ryan says, “MJ is my creation, I cannot just sell it to you, I told Tina that if I have to give MJ to anyone, I will spread it all around the world and be the person behind it and I knew I couldn’t do it alone, I just wanted some help from your company, but, no, I cannot sell it.”

            Craig says, “I am getting all the spread all around the world thing, but when we take your creation and launch, you wouldn’t be the head behind it and I will be one behind all this.”

            Ryan says, “You are being mean and cruel…”

            Craig says, “No, I am talking business, if you cannot give us the software, then…”

            Ryan says, “Are you threatening me?”

            Craig says, “Let’s see, YES!!!”

            Ryan just punches Craig and says, “I give a **** of what you threaten me.”

            He then leaves and tears the cheque.

            The next day, Ryan is at his house with Xavier and Ryan says, “Can you believe, he wanted me to sell MJ and on top of that he was threatening me too?’

            Xavier says, “Listen, you will find a better company than this who will take MJ and also use your idea and give you credit.”

            Ryan smiles and says, “I hope so.”

            MJ says, “Me too.”

            Ryan smiles at MJ.

            Xavier leaves the house and makes a call and says, “I am coming to meet you.”

            Ryan at his house is having food and sees a strange article that not only AI (Artificial Intelligence) is installed in robots and weapons but also installed in humans and he tells MJ that they should work on this.

            After some days, Ryan doesn’t get any volunteers for his project and looks at MJ and says, “Alright, we will take the risk!!!”

            MJ says, “Sir, it would be too dangerous for you, you could lose your life.”

            Ryan says, “We will see.”

            Tina comes there and hears all that and says, “Are you doing what you are not supposed to?”

            MJ says, “Yes, he wants to install me in him.”

            Ryan says, “Jerk.”

            MJ says, “Just thinking good of you.”

            Tina says, “You could lose your life, do it with some armor and some special suit, this is crazy.”

            Ryan says, “No, it’s not, if I get success in this, it will be a new discovery, people have failed in accomplishing this, I can.”

            Tina says, “(Looks at MJ for a while) Alright, when I say stop, we will.”

            Ryan says, “Okay. (Looks at MJ) I was talking about that new update that I had made, I am not giving you.”

            MJ shows a sad smiley on the screen.

            Tina then makes points in Ryan’s body and gets all the processes done and the day arrives and it is actually Ryan’s birthday too that day,

            Ryan is then small wires attached to his body, near the neck, hand and leg nerves and heart.

            Ryan looks at Tina and says, “Let us do it, let us make a discovery.”

            Tina inserts the final protocols and there is an image of MJ build up and Ryan’s brain and the percentage upload starts and MJ says, “Going good, Ryan.”

            Ryan closes his eyes and gets to feel something in his head and he is about see his whole life till now by memories and moments with his parents, friends, Xavier and Tina and Tina sees the heart rate shifting up and down and his Ryan is getting small shocks of the upload and Ryan is getting all uploaded and the percentage reaches to 95%.

            Just then, two cars arrive at the Ryan’s house and one of them removes a missile launcher and the other man says, “Blow it.”

            They explosion causes a huge destructive blow and Ryan falls of the chair with the heart wire on him and Tina gets injured and the men there come in and they shot down the computers and all devices.

            They leave and MJ is still alive and he makes a quick scan all around and sees Ryan under the chair and shows an angry smiley and says, “No.”

            He then sees the wire still at the heart and shows on screen that is at 95% and he then transfers all the remaining output at the heart wire and it goes to 100% and the computer closes down.

            After sometime, Xavier arrives there and sees the bodies lying around and calls the cops and ambulances.

            Craig sees this on TV and the men who had done this arrive and Craig gives them a suitcase of money and one of them says, “You could have just killed him and took the software, why we had to destroy both?”

            Craig says, “I didn’t need the creation and its creator that is why!!!”

            At the hospital, Tina gets alright and sees Ryan’s dead body and leaves the hospital and cries out loud. The doctors tell her and Tina to take the body tomorrow.

            In the morgue room, Ryan’s body starts to move and in his head, he gets the recap of what had happened earlier and he just wakes up and says (in MJ voice), “I am alive, Sir.”

            There is small mirror there and he sees the wounds and Ryan uses closes his eyes and some kind of energy flows inside whole of the body and his wounds get healed and Ryan smiles and he takes some of the patient’s clothes and leaves the hospital.

            Ryan then reaches Tina’s house and when she opens the door, she is first scared at first and she gets delighted to see Ryan alive.

            Tina says, “But how?”

            Ryan says, “MJ, he saved me. He is like inside me, we both are managing ourselves. We also have kind of wound recovery ability too.”

            Tina says, “What?”

            Ryan then takes the knife and cuts himself on the hand and the same energy heals his hand.

            Tina is shocked again and says, “Who would have done this?”

            Ryan says, “I know only one man, your boss, Craig Muller.”

            Tina says, “If he is the one, we have to yet verify it.”

            Ryan then takes Tina’s laptop and he does nothing, hacks into his own security cameras and Tina says, “How did you do that without touching?”

            Ryan closes his eyes and sees a digitized image of him and says, “It is MJ.”

            They see the car number plate and get the address from the sites.

            Ryan reaches there at a bar and Tina says, “You would have to beat the truth out of them.”

            Ryan says, “Yes.”

            Ryan closes his eyes again and MJ shows him videos of martial arts and fights and MJ installs a self learning process and by which Ryan learns all the moves and reaches the bar and beats the men there and he asks one of them and says, “Did Craig sent you?”

            The man says, “Yes, but the contract was given to us by Xavier D’Silva.”

            Ryan says, “Uncle?”

            Tina says, “Why but?”

            Ryan says, “I know he was a cunning guy but I didn’t know he was such a jerk.”

            The next day, he sees Xavier meeting Craig and he then follows Xavier and he goes home and Tina first to meet him and Xavier lets her in inside the house and Tina says, “Did you kill Ryan?”

            Xavier says, “What?”

            Tina says, “You know what I am asking, you hired those men to kill Ryan and his creation, MJ, right?”

            Xavier says, “Yes, I did. Because if in the first place, if he had taken that money, we would be having drinks and beers and enjoying in Miami in a huge place but Ryan wanted to be a hero for the world, being a hero doesn’t pay.”

            Ryan comes from behind and says, “At least, a hero lives by pride and honor.”

            Xavier says, “Ryan, you are alive?”

            Ryan says, “Yes, unfortunately!!!”

            Xavier says, “How?”

            Ryan in MJ voice says, “Because of me.”

            Xavier says, “Damn this technical ****!!!!”

            Ryan then somehow hits Xavier with a current ball and he isn’t shocked and says, “Call it a punishment, Uncle!!!!”

            Tina looks at Ryan and he says, “Energy ball, MJ taught me.”

            Ryan looks at unconscious Xavier and wakes him up with the same current and says, “Tell Craig, I am coming for him.”

            Xavier finds a gun and as they leave, he points it at them and MJ tells Ryan and he turns and Ryan hits a powerful energy ball and kills Xavier.

            After some days, Ryan is at a gun store and he buys some handguns and a machine gun using Xavier’s card.

            They then arrive at Craig’s company and they see Craig arriving at the Company.

            Just then, Ryan goes in and looks at Craig and he touches one of the receptionist’s computers and destroys all the security cameras and there is a small weapons room and he locks that too.

            All the personnel are told to leave then and Ryan goes in at the parking and locks that room too and Craig is not getting what is happening.

            Craig’s henchmen arrive at the parking and see Ryan and Ryan removes his guns and starts shooting and he kills some of the  men and when his bullets gets over, he beats them and hits one of them with an energy attack.

            He then takes one of the henchmen’s phones and calls Craig and says, “I am back. I am coming for you.”

            Craig then leaves his own cabin and he arrives at the parking and Ryan attacks him and they have a fight and Craig then kicks Ryan and Tina arrives there and Craig takes her as hostage and goes out with a car. Ryan takes another car and chases him.

            During the chase, MJ helps Ryan with road routes and Ryan uses them to chase Craig.

            They come at a bridge on a lake and Craig comes out of the car and still holds Tina as hostage and says, “I don’t know how you are alive but I don’t mind killing you again.”

            Ryan says, “This time it will be different.”

            He goes at him and gives the gun a small shock and the gun falls down and they have a hand combat.

            During the fight, Craig says, “Where is that little software of yours, is it helping you?”

            MJ then analyzes Craig’s body and sees some pain in his leg and Ryan in MJ’s voice says, “Yes.”

            Craig says, “What?”

            Ryan then kicks Craig in the leg and Ryan kicks him again and Craig takes the gun as he is about to die.

            Craig points it at Ryan and Ryan creates an energy ball and smiles and looks at the lake and then looks at Tina and says, “I love you.”

            Ryan then tells Craig to shoot and he does and Ryan hits the energy ball and kills Craig and he falls in the lake with the bullet hitting his hand.

            Tina looks on and leaves the bridge as she sees cops arriving.


Two days later,

Tina is at the Times Square and she is sitting at a café and sometime later, on all the screens there a digitized Michael Jackson is dancing and a message comes, ‘New York Airport, six p.m. sharp’

            Tina says, “NO!!!!”

            A waiter comes with an envelope and inside, there is Tina’s passport and ticket, she arrives at the airport and gets in the flight and she gets to her seat and a guy comes to her seat and says, “Can I sit here?”

            Tina looks up and it’s Ryan and she hugs him and says, “How?”

            Ryan smiles and Tina says, “MJ!!!”

            The announcement takes place in MJ’s voice and she says, “You did install in the whole wide City?”

            Ryan says, “Yes, he is like inside me too and also all around the City, it’s like inside me, 20% MJ and 80% me which keeps me alive.”

            Tina says, “I love you. India is a nice place though!!!!”

            Ryan says, “Being Half Indian helps… (Laughs)

            Ryan says, “Thanks MJ!!! I never needed a company to motivate me; I just needed a friend like you.”

            MJ says, “My pleasure.”

            Ryan sees a site on laptop and says, “Who is this Mr. R??? He is creating some buzz here in India.”

            Tina says, “I like that mask!!! You too some kind of superhero with those electric powers.”

            Ryan says, “We will see.”

            The plane then takes the route to India….

              In India, as they arrive in Mumbai, Ryan gets out of the airport and a guy pushes him slightly and they say sorry to each other and Ryan and Tina take a taxi, Ryan looks back and gets into the taxi.

            The person he went into was Rihaan Kumar and he was going for a flight to Nepal.

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