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              Rihaan is at his office and Raghu comes in his cabin and says that some is here to meet him and Rihaan goes in the conference room and when he goes in, a tall, muscular, suited guy is standing there turning his back and Rihaan says, “Excuse me, who are you?”

            He turns back and Rihaan recognizes him and says, “No, you.”

            The guy says, “Yes, Rihaan, me.”

            The guy is actually Devraj Singhania, Rihaan’s London based friend who was his rival in college in London and with a cunning and devilish personality.

            Rihaan says, “When you came back?”

            Devraj says, “Some days ago, shifted my Weapons Unit here as I just wanted to expand it.”

            Rihaan says, “Oh, that’s nice. We also have a weapons unit here.”

            Devraj says, “That makes us rivals, again.”

            Rihaan says, “We are talking weapons here, Devraj, not studies or sports.”

            Devraj says, “I know. Rivalry just sees what are you living for, I live to stay for the pride and honor. What about you?”

            Rihaan says, “Me too.”

            Devraj leaves the room and Raghu says, “Who the hell is this guy?”

            Rihaan is still paused mode and says, “Huh, he is sometimes, I used to think not to mess with.”

            Rihaan then reaches the base and Chang and Shakti are present there and Raghu asks him the reason of Rihaan being scared of Devraj and Rihaan says, “It is nothing, alright.”

            Chang says, “What happened?”

            Raghu says, “Someone called Devraj Singhania had come up at the Company and seeing him, Rihaan was scared and couldn’t talk to him with all courage, like he was scared and all.”

            Shakti then searches about Devraj on net and he says, “That Devraj is a brilliant guy, built many weapons systems and destructive weapons for some agencies. He is good.”

            Raghu says, “Weapons is the not the reason that Rihaan is scared, Rihaan, tell us.”

            Rihaan says, “Alright, I will tell you, yes, weapons is not the thing, you all don’t know and only Grandpa and Jeet knew about, in London, there was this, underground fight club where I used to go and Grandpa used to accompany me and I used to have fights there and some days later, Devraj showed up and we had this gruesome fight and he nearly killed me, he punched me on my heart so bad, I could have died and somewhere I felt he wanted to kill me, after that I was just scared and was hoping that I would never see him. He is damn strong guy, I ever know.”

            Raghu says, “The last sentence did hurt.”

            Rihaan says, “If you want you can test him.”

            Raghu says, “I will.”

            There is this huge house in the City where Devraj is staying and he is exercising in his own personal gym and he then hears some noises and he gets to know that someone unwanted has entered the house and he says, “Sad for that thing.”

            He goes at the garage and sees some claws print and then tells his guards to leave and Devraj locks the door and a voice comes, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

            Devraj starts seeing everything and says, “What I should I do know is beat the hell out of you.”

            Leo then jumps and comes in front of him and says, “Some people are scared of you and they say you are the strongest, I don’t see any of it, the fear and strong thing.”

            Devraj removes his shirt and says, “I have seen you in the news, you are the Lion monster, I will show you the fear.”

            Devraj then punches Leo and he blocks it and they start to have a fight and Mr. R is seeing the fight from the glass ceiling.

            They destroy the whole garage and Leo throws Devraj on the oil barrels and some oil gets spilt and Devraj goes at Leo and spears him badly and throws him at the spilt oil and then sees a flamethrower and switches it on and lights the oil and says, “Now, time to die.”

            Leo jumps at him and they both get bathed in oil and Leo says, “I burn, you too burn.”

            Devraj starts laughing and put his hand on fire and after sometime, the fire goes off and Devraj’s whole hand is burned and just then it repairs itself and his hand becomes normal and fit as it was before and says, “Now, who shall burn?”

            Leo gets all worried and Devraj kicks him and comes to him with the flamethrower and just then the ceiling breaks and Mr. R jumps and kicks Devraj and says, “Till I am here, no one will harm my friend.”

            Devraj attacks him with the flamethrower and Mr. R dodges it and kicks the flamethrower from Devraj’s hand and hits him with a knife and the wound goes off and Devraj gives an evil smile and says, “Want to try something more?”

            Mr. R moves back and he removes a smoke grenade and in the midst of smoke, he and Leo leave from there and Devraj keeps on laughing and says, “Couple of has-beens wanted to make me feel fear.”

            Next day at the base, Raghu says, “You said, he was the strongest, you didn’t say, he did have some special skin.”

            Rihaan says, “I haven’t met him what, six or seven years, I don’t know what had happened, alright, he must be part of some special experiment, I don’t know.”

            Chang says, “What happened though?”

            Raghu says, “Just to fight him, I went to his house and he was going to burn me, when I bathed him too in oil, he burned his own hand and in a split second, his hand was all repaired.”

            Chang says, “That’s weird.”

            Rihaan says, “What must have happened with Devraj?”

            Rihaan then reaches the Company and there are some reporters there and he comes to know that a huge Weapons Contract has gone in hands of Devraj’s Company and Rihaan goes in his cabin.

            Rihaan then searches some information on Devraj and he sees same things and Mr. James comes in tells him that Devraj has thrown a party for the getting the contract.

            At the party,

Rihaan enters with Shakti and Tanya and after sometime, Devraj meets Rihaan and says, “Sorry for your loss, Rihaan, the thing I just came some days ago and I won my first battle with you.”

            Rihaan says, “There will be more battles, Devraj.”

            Devraj says, “Saying a guy who nearly, nearly died with my hands and yes, I don’t regret that.”

            Rihaan says, “I am not scared of you, Devraj.”

            Devraj says, “Yeah, right.”

            Rihaan then just storms out of the party.





       Tanya comes out of the party with Rihaan and says, “What is wrong with you, what happened?”

            Rihaan says, “Nothing, when in London, when he, Devraj punched me, I was like dead for a whole five minutes and I could see all my life what had happened, my parents’ death, you and everything and his fear became stronger and it made me easy to beat.”

            Tanya says, “Listen, I don’t know much about Devraj, but you, I know, you are the icon of this City, you are the symbol of justice for the City and this time it has come a time for your own justice, face him.”

            Rihaan goes at the base and sees his mask and says, “Self Justice, huh!!!!”

            Next day,

Chang arrives at the base and sees Rihaan had put up pictures of Devraj and his associates and Chang says, “What is happening?”

            Rihaan says, “Nothing, I wanted to know what did happen with Devraj and I just want to know it.”

            Chang points at a photo and says, “Who is he?”

            Rihaan says, “He, he is the Personal Assistant of Devraj, his name is, Ashok Sharma.”

            Chang says, “Let us start with him.”

            Rihaan, Tanya and Chang follow Ashok Sharma the whole day and he goes to a bar and then goes to a brothel and then takes a girl from there and takes her to a hotel.

            At the hotel,

Ashok Sharma is in his room and the girl is inside the bathroom and he is waiting for her and he goes at the bathroom and he sees White Dragon and he is pointing his sword at him and Ashok Sharma says, “What do you want?”

            White Dragon takes him upstairs and throws him in front of Mr. R and Tanya.

            Mr. R holds him high and says, “What do you know about your boss, Devraj?”

            Ashok says, “Nothing. (Mr. R takes him at the edge of the terrace) What, you going to throw me?”

            Mr. R says, “No, throwing is not my way, it’s her way.”

            Tanya just kicks him and he falls down and Crusher catches him and brings him back at the terrace and Mr. R says, “Do you want another round?”

            Ashok says, “No, no, please, no. I will tell you. I will be dead if I tell you this, Devraj had an accident some years ago and his whole body was damaged and a well known surgeon and scientist, Mr. Khan made a new medicine that could cure such wounds, it did made the wounds alright and made his skin so tough, even if a huge building falls on him, he will not die and in a matter of seconds all his wounds will get healed.”

            Mr. R says, “We will leave now, if you tell Devraj about this, just think about the dead prostitute you have in your room.”

            As they leave, Tanya says, “Did you kill that girl?”

            Mr. R says, “No, I just said to scare him off, she left as soon as she saw Chang.”

            They then come to know that Mr. Khan is in Nepal for some important business.

            In the City, there is a presentation of weapons at a ground and Rihaan and Devraj arrive there with their weapons slot.

            Rihaan then removes the Mini-Gun that he made the people there are impressed and Devraj removes the same gun and does some shooting too.

            Rihaan then sends Chang for the next demo and Devraj is confused about this and Rihaan goes near Devraj’s car and sees his weapons.

            He comes back and comes to know that both the sides were impressive.

            Rihaan says, “I have to defocus him somehow.”

            Then there is a sniper test and Rihaan and Devraj remove their own snipers and Rihaan hits a bulls-eye on the target and Devraj takes the sniper in his hand and points it at the target.

            Rihaan says, “Devraj, many people know here that you do wanted to kill me someday and somehow, one thing I don’t know, is it because you were slapped by many girls when you entered the ladies room by mistake when I made changes in the gents room name plate.”

            Devraj gets all angry and misses it and throws the weapon and holds Rihaan and the reporters start taking pictures and Ashok tells him to put Rihaan down and due to the whole episode, Rihaan gets the contract and Devraj leaves the ground.

            Chang comes at Rihaan and says, “That was some calculated risk and by the way, you seriously did that?”

            Rihaan says, “Yeah, he was a bad guy from beginning, he needed a lesson to be taught, then he taught me a lesson that I didn’t forget.”

            Tanya says, “Now?”

            Rihaan says, “Butt kicking time.”

            At night,

Devraj is at his house and he is having a drink and he gets a glimpse of him beating Rihaan to the pulp and in anger breaks the glass in his own hand and the wound gets alright within a second.

            Just then he hears a voice, “You do have an ability to heal, huh?”

            Devraj turns back and Mr. R is standing and Devraj says, “You, I wanted someone to take my anger out.”

            Mr. R says, “I knew it, when I saw you losing today at the ground, I wondered.”

            Devraj comes running at him and they start a fight and they fight inside the whole house and Devraj keeps punching Mr. R on the mask.

            Mr. R then kicks him and throws some knives at him and they hit Devraj but the wounds heal back and Mr. R removes a pair of brass knuckles and wears it and says, “C’mon.”

            Devraj picks a chair and hits it on Mr. R’s back and Mr. R gets back up and punches Devraj in the face and Devraj starts bleeding.

            Devraj becomes more furious and Mr. R comes at him and he dodges him and Devraj hits a powerful punch on the mask and it kind of breaks and Mr. R starts feeling the power of the punch and says, “Not again.”

            Devraj then kicks him and throws him outside the window and it is raining heavily and it is dark too outside and Devraj and Mr. R are face to face.

            Mr. R says, “I am not done yet.”

            Devraj makes a move but Mr. R removes one of the brass knuckles and removes a small knife and hits it on Devraj’s chest and he feels some pain and Mr. R punches him on the face and hits some powerful punches.

            He leaves from there leaving injured Devraj and he sees that Mr. R’s mask had fallen down while leaving and he becomes unconscious.

            Next day, Devraj is admitted to a hospital.


On the other side,

Ghost is with Queen at the facility and Queen says, “Remember, Raka, right, and the Lion and Tiger monster, I got some news that the scientist’s assistant is alive still and he can make more of the monsters for us, what say?”

            Ghost says, “Why not!!!!”

            In Russia,

The scientist’ assistant, Kunal Tyagi arrives home and he goes in his bedroom and he sees Queen on the bed and says, “Hello, we have some work for you, doctor.”



            Mr. R is seen on a tall building and says, “Diablo, I know you aren’t dead, you won’t die easily.”

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