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              A Flight of Indian Airline lands in USA and Tanya and the team come out of the plane and a car comes to pick them up and the driver gives them a letter and the car takes them to a helipad where by a helicopter they reach Miami.

            As they reach Miami, they arrive at a beach and they roam around and Chang says, “Tanya, where on earth is he?”

            Tanya looks around and Raghu says, “Guys, there.”

            There then, Rihaan Kumar comes out from water with huge beard and long hair and he comes to them and says, “Long time, guys!!!”

            Shakti says, “Yeah, very long.”

            Chang says, “What’s with the beard?”

            Rihaan says, “A year dude, I was just roaming around; I didn’t feel like cutting it.”

            Tanya laughs and says, “Ya, Now you like an old man.”            

                        They all sit inside a shack and Raghu says, “Where were you for so long?”            


            Rihaan says, “When I killed Diablo, I escaped from the warehouse and I came near an army base where they were planning to attack some Diablo Group bases and then I wore the soldier uniform and went with them and helped them destroy one base and when I was killing people there, I saw a map there which had markings and I took the map and ran off and started destroying bases one by one.”            

            Tanya says, “You could have told the General there, he could have helped you.”

            Rihaan says, “No, someone inside the Diablo Group gave the General money to destroy that base only and when I saw that, I went in and took the map with me rather than giving it to him.”

            Raghu says, “Man, even if Diablo is dead, his activities are still on and on.”

            Shakti says, “Queen and Ghost are still alive and we don’t know what they are planning.”

            Tanya says, “I don’t see Ghost as a leader of Diablo Group neither Queen.”

            Just then, a car comes there and some men come out with huge machine guns and they ask for Tanya and they see her and they go at her and start shooting her and they miss and the team gets alerted.

            Rihaan jumps at Tanya and saves her. Chang opens his bag and throws ninja disks at the bag and Shakti starts fighting with them and Raghu then hides and becomes Leo and attacks the men.

            After sometime,

Leo attacks one of the men and other run off and Rihaan asks the man that who sent him and in a dying voice he says, “Ghost.”

            Rihaan then decides to leave for the City.

            Some days later, they arrive back in the City and there is a huge mall where Raghu is standing and he is just waiting for Rihaan.

            Rihaan then arrives with the entire beard shaved and short hair and in a white three piece suit and he comes at Raghu and says, “How do I look?”

            Raghu says, “Like a perfect rich brat.”

Rihaan smiles and says, “You should have left the ‘brat’ part.”

Raghu says, “That was a compliment, sir.”


Rihaan says, “Yeah, I know. Let us go to the Company first then base.”            

They arrive at the Kumar Enterprises and Rihaan meets all the staff and then meets Mr. James and he says, “A year is a long time, Mr. Rihaan, the company missed you and also the City.”

Rihaan says, “I know. Still seeing the Company, nothing has gone bad, as I have come back, I will help it with more heart and the City, and I will help them till death.”

Mr. James says, “Welcome back, sometime later, I will show you some designs on the Suit and new weapons.”

Rihaan says, “Mr. James, just a favor, don’t call me, Mr. Rihaan, doesn’t suit me, Rihaan is enough.”

Mr. James says, “Sure.”

Rihaan at the end arrives at the base and sees all the masks hanged and he switches on the news and comes to know that crimes have decreased, what is it, huge police attention or the fear of Mr. R in the hearts of every criminal.

Ujwal Naik comes on TV and says, “Crimes have decreased and as we see, Mr. R, we have seen him in the last year, there were no copycats of wearing his masks, the police have become watchful.”

Rihaan keeps one of the masks and says, “Time to meet another friend.”

At night, Ujwal Naik is having dinner and a text comes and his son, Yuvraj sees the text and leaves the house and he goes on terrace and he sees no one and a voice comes, “I guess, I called your father, not you, kid.”

Yuvraj says, “I knew you would return.”

He leaves downstairs at the house and whispers in his father’s ears that Mr. R has arrived.

Ujwal Naik comes up and sees Mr. R standing on the slab above him and says, “Hello Officer!!!”

Ujwal Naik says, “Welcome back, hero!!!”

Mr. R says, “The City also missed me and you too, when you were talking about me of not seeing me in a year.”

Ujwal Naik says, “Where were you for the last year?”

Mr. R says, “Hunting.”

Ujwal Naik turns back and says, “Just beware though.”

He turns back and sees he is gone and there is a pendrive and when he opens it later, there are addresses of Diablo bases that Mr. R destroyed.

On the other side,

Ghost arrives at a steel factory and kills the workers there and takes all the material with help of his colleagues and says, “This City will face trouble again.”

Somewhere in Himalayas, there is a facility where Mr. Khan is seeing progress reports and looks inside the chamber and Queen arrives there and says, “Any progress, doc?”

Mr. Khan says, “He may get well in some days.”

Inside the chamber, DIABLO says, “I will Rise again.”



Rihaan then at a dinner with Tanya and he sees the TV and they show his and Diablo’s fight and the reporters say that he died in the fire at the warehouse and Rihaan says,


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