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              After, Jeet and Tanya get taken by Diablo, Rihaan and others get worried and Rihaan says, “How much I know, we cannot lose both of them or Diablo may kill one of them, I don’t want to lose anyone anymore.”

            At Diablo’s place,

Jeet and Tanya are in hanged on chains and Aisha comes and throws water on them wakes them up.

            Jeet opens his eyes and sees Aisha and says, “Why?”

            Aisha says, “Why do you mean by why? I was with Diablo from the day he wanted to conquer your City, he did, but you and your friend stopped him and put him in jail, he then came out and financed my Monster project and he also brought those monsters to me, then in Delhi where the Death Squad was present, I was sent to lure you and you did, that’s the advantage of beauty, you know, I was like a mole left in your team and you guys didn’t see it coming.”

            Jeet says, “I loved you for real and you, pathetic witch.”

            Tanya says, “Rihaan will find us, beware of that.”

            Diablo comes there and says, “Yes, he will. I hope that, but one of you will be dead.”

            Jeet and Tanya look at each other and Aisha and Diablo leave them there.

            In the City,

Rihaan tries searching for them by Tanya’s bracelet which has A GPS in it and finds nothing.

            Jeet there tries getting rid of the chain and tries breaking them but nothing happens.

            He then sees a window there and looks at Tanya’s bracelet and says, “Hey, Tanya, your bracelet, it has a GPS in it, may be, if we throw outside the window, Rihaan can track us and save us.”

            Tanya nodes and tries removing the bracelet and  she tries catching it by legs but falls down on the ground and says, “Damn it, now what?”

            Jeet tries picking the bracelet using his legs but fails.

            Just then, Virus comes there and sees Tanya and starts making faces (like a rapist) at her and Tanya sees this and says, “I got an idea.”

            She then calls Virus inside the jail like structure and he does and says, “Long time, Tanya, been a while, last time, our quality time was stopped by Mr. R, this time, no one can stop us, (looks at Jeet), you cannot do anything though.”

            He comes at Tanya and starts touching her and Tanya says, “Virus, if you so lust for me, I have a favor?”

            Virus says, “What?”

            Tanya says, “I kind of hate my boyfriend, Rihaan, right now, as he didn’t save me from me and that stupid hero did and now he also is not coming here, so I want to just rid of all stuff he gave me, that bracelet down there was one of them ,just throw it out.”            

            Virus sees the bracelet and throws the outside the window and looks at Tanya and makes a move and just then, Scarface comes and calls him out and says that Diablo has called him to meet him and Virus leaves.

            The GPS inside the bracelet starts clicking and Rihaan gets the signal and comes to know that Jeet and Tanya are near mountains outside the City.

            He, Raghu and Shakti leave from the base to save Jeet and Tanya.

            As they are reaching the mountains, there are cameras and motion sensors put there and they ring and Diablo’s men tell Diablo about this and he says, “How did he find them?”

            He looks at Jeet and Tanya’s cell and he sees something weird and says, “Where’s her bracelet?”

            Virus says that he threw it out and Diablo says, “Are you crazy?”

            He goes inside the cell and takes them out and they all start moving out.

            Diablo then tells Blob and Stinger to stay and explode this base and when Rihaan and his team arrive, take care of them.            

            They all leave and Stinger tells Blob also to leave and says, “I can handle them alone.”

            Inside the cars where Tanya and Jeet are in, Roy and Queen are present there with some men of Diablo and Jeet signals Tanya and she hides her face and he kicks one of the men and he starts fighting inside the car and the Roy tries to stop them, but the car collides and crashes.

            Rihaan and the team reach there and Stinger is present there to stop them and all three of them attack him.

            The car crashes and Diablo’s car turns around and he starts shooting at them and they run from there and they see a bike there and take the bike move ahead and Diablo stops his men from firing at them and says, “Let’s bring out the Sphere of Destruction.”

            As they take the bike ahead, they hear some sounds and they see back, there is a pointy sphere moving at them with a tail of nails and it attacks them and Jeet says, “Tanya, don’t worry, you will safely reach at Rihaan, I promise.”

            The sphere (in picture) stops and hits mini missiles and it causes an explosion and the bike crashes inside a warehouse which is at a cliff.

            Jeet and Tanya get up, but are surrounded by the spheres and Diablo, Virus, Scarface, Ghost, Black Dragon, Aisha and Queen Come out of each of the spheres.

            Ghost says, “You both look nervous.”

            Queen says, “Let’s see, one of you will die now, or both, we have both options, huh, Diablo.”

            Diablo says, “No, I like the first option, the reason is simple, people say sometimes, friend’s death becomes unable to heal a person, if I kill Tanya, Rihaan may die at the same point, I want him there when he saves the City again when I arrive.”

            Jeet says, “You want me, right, Tanya run…”

            On the other side,

Stinger has some developed weapons and he is able to stop them and White Dragon arrives late and joins the team and fights Stinger.

            Stinger says, “Guys, look at you. You are all losing this battle and you cannot save your friends, so miserable.”

            Mr. R then attacks him back and Stinger throws him at White Dragon.

          Stinger says, “You guys must be following Mahabharata, huh!! There is a scene in the war where the four brothers are unable to save their nephew and he gets inside the war because of them and the real reason is me here who is here stopping you.”            

            Crusher comes and attacks him with huge missiles but no harm is done on Stinger.

            At the warehouse, Diablo comes at Jeet and throws him inside the circle and Diablo says, “This is your D-Day, Jeet, your final day.”

            Black Dragon comes from behind and strikes Jeet’s back with his sword and he cries out of pain. Queen hits him with his tiger nails and Jeet then picks a rod there but Scarface throws his hunter and snatches the rod and wipes Jeet’s body with the hunter.

            Diablo and Aisha are seen laughing and Ghost then comes at Jeet and Jeet tries fighting back, Virus hits him from behind and Roy punches him and they all swing him around at each other and they all beat him badly.

            Tanya is like all begging for Jeet and says, “Please, stop it, please.”

            She then begs at Virus that she is ready to do anything but, Virus slaps her away and they keep on beating Jeet.

            Jeet is about to die and Diablo comes and says, “Any last wish?”

            Jeet looks at Aisha and says, “Don’t tell anyone how Jeet died, and just tell Sikander died because of you guys and Jeet died because of her, my last wish, I want her to shoot me.”

            Diablo says, “Alright, I respect the man’s word.”

            He gives a gun to Aisha and she winks at Jeet and says, “Bye bye.”

            He shoots and hits Jeet’s chest and Jeet says, “I am sorry, Rihaan.”            

            They all remove their guns and shoot at Jeet and kill him and they all leave laughing.

                                                            JEET DIES                                                        

            Tanya goes at Jeet’s body and starts crying more and more.

            Stinger then gets a call from Diablo and leaves from there.


Rihaan and others reach other and when they are about to enter the warehouse, it explodes at a section and Rihaan is about to slip and Tanya comes and holds him and Rihaan is about to fall and just then a helicopter comes with Diablo inside and smiles at them and says, “Eeny meeny miny moe, who should I shoot?

He then shoots Rihaan in the stomach sideways and he loses the grip and falls inside the jungle and Tanya says, “RIHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!”

Diablo leaves with the helicopter and some days later, Aisha leaves for the City.

More days later, Aisha arrives at her home and she sees all things at her house are messed up and she hears a noise and she looks back and it’s Mr. R and he has a gun in his hand and he shoots Aisha and kills her.

Diablo comes to know this and says, “It wasn’t Rihaan, Tanya killed her, Aisha was a person who was useful when she was alive.”

Raghu is at his place and packs his stuff to find Rihaan inside the jungle and Nisha stops him asking the reason and he says, “I Am his Bodyguard.”

Jeet is later cremated with all rituals inside the City.

Rihaan is seen on a bullock cart which an old man and a kid are driving.




              Raghu is seen driving in the Jeep and there is news in the City that, Rihaan was shot down by an unknown helicopter while saving Tanya and his close friend, Jeet was found dead a month ago and he was cremated by his parents later. There is news also that well known scientist, Aisha Khanna was also found dead and a bullet wound was found in her body and there is a rumor that Mr. R killed her.

            At the base, Shakti sees the news of Aisha and looks at Tanya and he just nodes and says, “Any contact was made with Raghu?”

            Tanya in a lower tone says, “No.”

            Shakti says, “Don’t worry, Raghu will find Rihaan and he has to, we need him, you need him the most and the City believes in him.”            

            Tanya says, “The City does believe in him, does he believe in himself after all this?”

            Shakti says, “He may not, but he will need to.”            

            Chang comes there and hears the talk and calls Raghu and on the other side, Raghu is talking to some villagers and he takes the call and says, “No, I haven’t found him yet, there are many villages here, small ones, he is one of them, I will search and every village, don’t worry.”

            Raghu then bides the villagers there goodbye and moves on to the next village.

            He then stops and sees a damaged Mr. R’s mask which he found near the cliff when he left and says, “Rihaan, I will find you, brother.”

            On the other side,

Diablo is seen shooting at the targets and Ghost arrives there and says, “Should we all assume that Rihaan dead?”

            Diablo smiles and says, “I don’t think he is dead, he will come back, he has to kill me and save the City, when he comes, I am ready.”

            Ghost says, “When you kill him, he and MR. R will be dead and we all will rule the City and then world.”

            Diablo says, “Send Gobo and some men with him, Rihaan is alive and he is somewhere in those villages.”

            Ghost leaves from there and Diablo says, “Rihaan, I am waiting.”

            Raghu then moves on the next village and spends the night there and when is about to leave, there is a lot of cold environment and he sees a girl wearing a black long jacket and Raghu sees her a while and when she turns around and he says, “What the!!!”

            He sees a ‘R’ on the jacket, same jacket which Mr. R wears and he goes at that girl and she can’t talk and when he comes to know, Raghu shows her a photo of Rihaan and she just nodes and smiles and he asks, “Can you take me to him?”

            She again nodes and she takes him to a house at a hill and they see an old man heating water and Raghu talks to the old man and says, “This boy, he is in here.”

            They take Raghu inside and he sees Rihaan injured and unconscious and the old man says, “We found him a month ago and he was unconscious and injured badly, we cured all the wounds and he is like in coma for a while now, it is on his will to wake up.”

            Raghu says, “Will!!! When someone’s parents and the closest friend are dead, the person loses the will.”

            The girl then gives Raghu a room to stay and he then calls at the base and tells Tanya that he found Rihaan, but he is in coma. Tanya then tells that it may not be safe to bring him inside the City and there are people who want him dead and Diablo wants him dead however.

            Raghu then suggests that he will keep Rihaan for a while and when he wakes up and they can then decide what to do.            

            Gobo and his men are also then checking village by village.

            At the base, Chang is at his home and he hears some noises and when he comes to his living room, it is also dark in there and he closes his eyes for a while and picks a knife there in the fruit table and says, “Hello, brother!!!”

            Black Dragon from the dark attacks Chang and they have a gruesome fight and Black Dragon asks, “Where is Rihaan?”

            Chang says, “He is planning Diablo’s death…”

            He then kicks Black Dragon and the fight goes on and Chang then hits BD’s leg and he gets injured and then jumps out of the window and Chang sees him on the bike.

            Shakti on the other side finishes his training and goes inside the changing room and sees a girl there and says, “I thought girls don’t gym at nights here.”

            The girl says, “No, but, I can.”

            The girl happens to be Queen and she attacks Shakti and they have a fight inside the changing room and Queen asks about Rihaan but Shakti throws her on the lockers and she runs off.


At the village, Raghu is with Rihaan in the room and the girl comes in a hurry and takes him outside and he sees the old man injured and he sees Gobo and the men front of him and Gobo says, “Diablo will give me nice prize for this and a bonus on killing you too.”

            Raghu then tells the girl to take the old man inside and locks the door and takes the Lion Form and says, “There is no way in hell you are entering the house and this bodyguard will stop you.”

            Gobo says, “Bodyguard, you say, but today, you wouldn’t be able to do your job.”

            The men then attack Leo and he just hurts and kills them and says, “Now what?”

            Gobo takes the Obese Form and says, “ME.”

            They attack each other and Leo then keeps on punching Gobo’s face and then spears him.

            Gobo then gets up and throws Leo inside the house and Gobo tries going inside the room, but Leo tries stopping him, Gobo then kicks him and powerbombs him on the floor.

            The girl then comes there and sees the fight and Leo injured and sees Gobo coming and looks inside the jacket and see the pointed disks and throws them at Gobo and he feels the pain and says, “You little witch!!!”

            Gobo then gets shocked and he sees Rihaan in front of him standing with the girl and Leo smiles and Rihaan says, “Not like this, this is the way.”

            Rihaan then hits the disks on Gobo and injures him and Leo hits a massive punch and Gobo falls out of the house and runs off.

            Leo takes the human form and comes at Rihaan who is still and Rihaan says, “You found me.”

            Raghu says, “I had to.”

            Rihaan then starts crying and hugs Raghu and he says, “I also feel the pain, Rihaan.”            

            After some days, Rihaan bides the girl and the old man goodbye he sits inside the jeep with Raghu and remembers all the moments of friendships with Jeet and says, “Friend, I couldn’t bid a goodbye to you, buy yes, revenge, I will take.”

  1. R-





              Rihaan returns back to the City with Raghu and makes him stop at the City Square and stops the jeep and Raghu asks, “What happened?”

            Rihaan says, “I have a place to go to.”

            They then take the jeep to the crematorium and see the buried places and Rihaan stops when he sees Jeet’s stone and sees it side to his Grandpa and his parent’s stone and on Jeet’s stone it is written, ‘A brother, like no other.’            

            Rihaan starts crying again and Raghu holds him and says, “He died for a cause, Rihaan and he is with you to end Diablo and his men, you did lose a great friend, I respect that, but even you lose hope, The City here will lose hope, you, Jeet and whole family has been righteous in all ways, now it’s your turn, do what is necessary.”

            Rihaan gets up and sees Tanya comes there and they hug each other and Rihaan says, “Diablo, you wanted a war, I will give you a war.”            

            Rihaan then comes to base and sees all the photos of Diablo and his associates and he tries finding flaws in them, doesn’t get any.

            He then leaves the base and takes the bike and takes the gear too.

            At night,

Ujwal Naik is at his home having dinner and he gets a text and he hurriedly goes up on the terrace and says, “Where are you?”

            Mr. R says, “Here”            

            Mr. R is sitting at the edge of the terrace and Ujwal Naik comes to him and says, “Long time, you were on a holiday, something?”            

            Mr. R says, “Holiday!!! None for me, I lost something, went to find it, didn’t get it, but I know, it is somewhere.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Rihaan Kumar was also missing from the City, his close friend, Jeet died a month ago, was found dead and had bullet wounds in him, we came to know many people killed him, Feel bad for him.”

            Mr. R says, “Me too.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “You have a partner, right?”

            Mr. R says, “I had, he also died, Diablo killed him.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Diablo is way beyond the line now, he has and is destroying many lives of some people, his gang members are coming here and taking materials from the factories and warehouses. (Shows him the pictures)”

            Mr. R then shows him the sphere, Diablo built and Ujwal Naik says, “Shocking.”

            Mr. R says, “Diablo wants to invade the City again and this time, not to conquer it, but destroy it completely.”            

            Ujwal Naik says, “We can stop him, like we did, last time.”

            Mr. R says, “I don’t want people to lose their lives and put them in danger.”

            He then jumps from the terrace and lands with the help of a grappler and leaves from there and Ujwal Naik says, “They will put their lives in danger, they support you.”

            Diablo is at his base and many groups of men arrive there with the main members and he says, “Friends, last time, I did take you to a path where the City was ours, but Mr. R and his friends stopped us and put me in jail, but now, we have new ideas, new technology and new belief that we will destroy this City and conquer the world.”

            They all clap for him and have cheers on beer jugs.

            The other day,

Diablo sends some men inside the City with bombs with Virus and they plant it inside the City places like a mall, school and Rihaan’s company.

            The City’s cameras capture Virus’s picture and Ujwal Naik and Rihaan come to know.

            Virus then goes to a brothel to meet the girls and his men bring the nurse who gave his information when Rihaan asked her and he takes her inside the room and beats her and rapes her and kills her.

            The men then throw the body inside a lake and later the next day, it was found by the police.

            Rihaan sees the body from the TV footage and says, “It is definitely Virus, he is up to something big.”            

            Rihaan later leaves for his Company and he sees the Security, where Shakti is in charge and meets him.


Then, a statue of Rihaan’s father arrives at the Company and delivery boys tell Rihaan that a friend has send it and he looks closely, he hears some buzzing sound inside it and says, “Evacuate the whole Company, Diablo has send a bomb inside the statue.”

Shakti then uses the evacuation protocol and Rihaan tries finding a way to detonate the bomb and sees a step like thing and puts his leg on it and the step releases a lock and Rihaan’s leg gets locked and he is unable to move.

The bomb squad then arrives there and with them Ujwal Naik arrives there and sees Rihaan there near the bomb and comes to know that if Rihaan’s leg is locked and it is a pressurized way that if Rihaan lifts his leg up, the bomb will explode.

            Rihaan says, “That hurts!!!”

            The Bomb Squad tries all ways and by mistake, Shakti touches the statue and it moves a bit and Rihaan says, “It’s time to crush.”

            Shakti leaves from there and Rihaan also tries not move his leg and just then, Crusher arrives there and says, “I will save you Rihaan.”

Rihaan says, “That’s my hero.”

He comes near the statue and Ujwal Naik suggests that Rihaan should lift the leg. Crusher then takes a step back and pushes the statue and Rihaan gets separated from the statue and the bomb explodes after sometime.

Virus is looking at the scene and Rihaan and Crusher see him and he goes behind him and as Ujwal Naik comes there, only Crusher goes behind Virus.

Virus is inside a SUV with some men and Crusher comes behind bashes the SUV and tries breaking it, and just then leaves the SUV.

One of Virus’s men says, “He left.”

Virus says, “He will not quit easily.”

They stop and a huge trailer comes and hits the SUV and they all fall apart. Virus then comes out and sees a bike and escapes.

He had two men with him and Crusher takes one of them with them and the police take the other as Crusher leaves.

 At the base, one of the men is tied upside down and when he wakes up, he sees something is missing and Mr. R comes and says, “You are finding this?”

He shows the tube of poison and Mr. R then takes a knife and cuts a finger and says, “I know, in the first try, you will not answer and you will take the punishment, so, I just gave you a punishment, where are the other bombs?”

The man says, “One is at the City Mall and other is at the St. George School.”

Mr. R tells the information to Ujwal Naik and they come to the mall and see that there is a small function is going on and Mr. R leaves in that distraction and Ujwal Naik alerts the crowd.

Rihaan later meets Ujwal Naik and he is like confused as Mr. R is now missing and they then come to know that the bomb is at the kid’s toy shop where there is a party going and when they get alerted, the kids run off and a small girl falls down near the huge teddy and Rihaan sees this and takes a closer look and tells Ujwal Naik that the bomb is here and saves the girl and the bomb gets detonated.

            They then reach at the School and it explodes as the timer goes off and there are no causalities.

            Rihaan arrives back at the base and sees the man tied and asks, “Just one question and I suppose, you know the question too and the answer too.”

            There is a small factory where Virus is seeing the news and comes to know one of the bombs went off, but no one died, just then he hears some noises.

            He then comes out and sees one of the man and he gets he falls down near Virus and sees all the poison on his mouth and Virus gets nervous and looks the other way and sees, Mr. R standing and he says, “I draw the first blood, Virus.”

Mr. R comes and they have a fight and Virus fails badly to beat him and Mr. R breaks his hand and says, “Tell Diablo, I will kill him, as the rules have changed and you are the first example of that changed rule.”

The police arrive there and tell Mr. R to give Virus to them and as they at the top of the building and Ujwal Naik says, “Leave him, R!!!”

Mr. R says, “Ok…”

He throws Virus from top of the building and he falls on the police car.


At night, Ujwal Naik is at a bar having drinks and Rihaan comes there and says, “You are having a lot, huh!!!”

Ujwal Naik says, “On one side, the hero is started to kill people and the other side, we have no plans what Diablo is up to with the City.”

Rihaan says, “If I can be off some help, I can help you.”

Ujwal Naik says, “Touché!!!”


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