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MR. R – THE Beginning - PART 2


              Last time we saw that Rihaan was kidnapped by some people (terrorists) and was transported by air, water and land.

              Rihaan is tied to ropes and still unconscious and in front of a video camera and he is being filmed by some people and they are saying something in some language which is not understood by him and he tries to gain consciousness and one of the people hits him back.

              He is taken some other room and after some hours, a group of guys throws water on him and Rihaan wakes up and asks, “Who are you? Terrorists or Underworld?”

              One of the guys says, “I am Nagar, member of Diablo Group, we were found by our leaders for ending corruption and terrorism but after some insights from me and my views, we thought of joining this corruption and terrorism side. So, we kidnapped you and like a protocol of any kidnapping we have asked for money from your people. If they don’t, we have to kill you or more or not we will paralyze you….”

              Rihaan just gives a look and spits on Nagar and he smiles back and tells his guys, “Play with him whenever you want, but don’t kill him….”

              The days to come, Rihaan is tied by hands and the group surrounds him and beat him, they then hang him and they just swing him around and Rihaan just vomits.


Rihaan then is just put in extremely cold water and hit by steel rods.

              Nagar then comes at him and takes him to a room and shows him a TV screen and says, “Look….”  

              The TV shows the news about after the day Rihaan was kidnapped and the media, news and his own people and Arjun are saying something Rihaan.

              The news describes Rihaan as a spoilt brat of the Kumar Family and says that his legacy is just to wait the money, fame and power of the family in things like cars and amusement.

              Nagar says, “They describe you good…. Don’t they?”

              Rihaan puts his head down and Nagar continues shows some positive stuff of Rihaan, the media shows that Rihaan was shown saving a girl from guys and some kid posted it on YouTube and Media still calls it a fake or a publicity stunt, Nagar says, “I also don’t like rapists but, they get what they want, by force…..”

              Rihaan says, “I am a good guy, you don’t know yet….”

              TV shows some other channel and shows that Rihaan was also donating money and stuff to the poor and Nagar doesn’t look happy and Rihaan says, “I told you….”

              Nagar says, “We will have the money, don’t worry about that, but maybe, maybe we will think of not sending you in one piece.”

              Rihaan laughs and says, “Try me….”

              Nagar tells the men to untie him and says that they will have a fight right now….

              Nagar and injured Rihaan then face each other and they start the fight and Rihaan takes a heavy takedown and spears Nagar through the wall and both men get injured and Nagar slowly gets up and takes the rod and beats Rihaan badly nearly killing and the other guys stop him.

              On the other side, the Commisioner, members from the company, Jeet, Grandpa are talking about Rihaan. The Commisioner says that he is using all means necessary but after the video tape, they didn’t get any lead.

              Grandpa says that he is ready give the ransom but the CEO of the Company. Mr. Jadhav says that they should wait and see if there is some lead again the police may get, they should just wait.

Then, Inspector Ujwal Naik comes and says that they have a new video, not one but two.

In one video, there is Nagar and Rihaan’s fight and in the other Nagar says, “Rihaan is brave and can fight, if you want him alive, pay the ransom….”              

Tanya also sees the video and starts crying and Jeet consoles and calms her down….

Inspector Naik talks to Grandpa and says, “Sir, Rihaan and his business are a huge and strong and these criminals and terrorists just want money for their terrorism activities and I will try my best to save him….”

CEO Jadhav talks to the some other Inspector and says that he should slow the work of Naik and he agrees and Jadhav gives him a bundle of money.

On the other side,

Rihaan is tied and one of Nagar’s men tells him that it has been over a month that he is here and his people are not just not understanding the situation and is it because, they are greedy or careless?

Rihaan says, “If they were careless, I would be just like you…..”

Hearing this, he slaps him and pours all alcholol or him and walks at Nagar.

Nagar says, “Damn, you are one sarcastic son of a bitch. But, punishment is here….”

He lights up a matchstick and throws on the alcholol on the ground and a fire is light and it goes at Rihaan.

The fire is about to reach at Rihaan but an arrow comes at the fire and creates a small but effective explosion and Nagar says, “SWAMI!!!!!!”

A masked (face hidden with a napkin) guy comes at attacks the men and kicks Nagar and falls back.

The guy then unties Rihaan and helps him to move and the guy sees a grenade nearby and throws and nearly destroys the base due to the explosion of the grenade.

Rihaan looks at him and the guy smiles at him back and takes him out of the place.

Nayar doesn’t look happy about this……




              Last time we saw that Rihaan was rescued by a masked guy and Nagar saw that guy and he also recognized him when he called his name, SWAMI.

              Rihaan is unconscious and when he gets back to his senses, he hears some whistling sound and when opens his eyes, he sees the same guy cooking food on fire and the guy sees him and says, “Hello…”

              He comes to Rihaan and for some instance, he gets scared of the guy but the guy sits him up and says, “I guess you must have got the perception that whenever someone stood up, beat you and hurt you, I am not like that….”

              Rihaan says, “That is less scary for me…. Some days later, I meet a ‘nice’ guy….”

              The guy laughs and says, “You are funny….”

              He then gives Rihaan some food and he asks the guy, who is he?              

              The guy looks at him and says, “The name is, Narayan Swami, I was a games teacher in nearby school, but the school became a new base for soldiers and the soldiers itself told me to make them learn some new skills in defense techniques, I had to agree.....”

              Rihaan says, “One can say that you are the local superhero, here!!!”

              Swami says, “That can be right…. Talking about defense techniques, you also gave a nice fight against Nagar….”

              Rihaan says, “Thanks!! Wait a sec, you know Nagar?”

              Swami says, “Ya, somewhat!!!”

              Rihaan says, “Somewhat??”

              Swami says, “Funny coincidence!! The leader of the Diablo group, Nagar and his guys are my students, I was their leader before, but seeing the soldier activities, we somewhat against them and we formed this group.”

              Rihaan says, “But you are not part of the group? Why is that?”

              Swami says, “Not in presence, they killed an entire village and some soldiers, I went against them but, Nagar didn’t wanted to discuss and he wanted to kill me the same night, but I escaped…. As you said, a superhero’s job is to protect the innocent, I always come in between their criminal activities and saw to that they don’t get complete….”

              Rihaan then gets up and asks Swami, how can he get of here, but first thing, where is he?

              Swami says, “You are in Kerala deep jungles…. The bad thing, Nagar and his guys know these jungles very well and they will find you and me….”

              Rihaan says that his people will also be searching him and Swami says that when Rihaan gets back, does he have the clue about the consequences?              

Swami says that he also what Nagar showed Rihaan on TV news but people consider him good and bad in some way, he also came to know he saved some girl from thugs and he respects that, but now, let the situation calm down….

              Rihaan says, “Calming down is one way, you are right….”

              Swami suggests that they will explore the jungles and Rihaan agrees.

              When they get deep in jungles and Rihaan says, “Swami!! Why don’t you train me?”

              Swami says, “Me, train you!!! I can, what is the use to you, you can fight!!!”

              Rihaan says, “I can, I want to be better… The reason, I don’t know!!!”              

              Swami says, “Is the reason the people you live for and the humanity around you that cannot defend itself from people that disrespect their bodies and soul like dirt?”

              Rihaan says, “Yes…”

              Swami says, “Ok, boy!!! Start calling me, Sir!!!”

              Rihaan laughs the situation out and they start walking.

              While training, Narendra Swami keeps on guiding Rihaan.

              He takes them to tall trees and tells Rihaan to climb them and swing on other trees and first, Rihaan first isn’t able climb the trees, he falls in the start, in between and also at the top.

              After some days, he does climb and swing the trees.

              Swami then teaches Rihaan about weapons and takes him to military base at night and Rihaan says, “I am not shooting and killing kind of a guy….”

              Swami replies, “I am also not that kind of guy, I am also non violent person, I let my hands talk, but these weapons can be used for safety and maybe, distraction…”

              They don’t take any weapons from the base….

              This training takes over a month.

              Rihaan is in a lake taking a bath and Swami comes at him and says, “Theory is done, Time for Practical….”

              Rihaan says, “What do you mean?”              

              Swami says that there is a village nearby and he got news that Nagar and his men are going to attack for food and may be for young girls and he wants to stop them and he would like Rihaan stop them….

              Rihaan agrees and while entering the village, he gives a cloth to Rihaan and asks the reason and Swami says that they should not know the reason, who he is….

              Rihaan gives a smile and he climbs a tree and looks around. After some time, he sees some men with guns and tells Swami that he sees some men, but not Nagar.

                    The men start threatening people in the dark and Swami looks at Rihaan says, “Engage!!!”

                    Rihaan jumps on some of the men and attacks them and one of them is about to shoot him, but he ducts and kicks him.

                    Swami then sees this and relaxes under the same tree.

                    Rihaan then goes at the other men and attacks them and he has a small knife and uses it and cuts and gives them small marks on their hands and legs.

                    He injures them and comes at Swami and he says, “Behind you!!!”

                    Rihaan dodges the guy behind him and uses a takedown move and he fells unconscious.

                    Swami says, “Nice….. Subtle…. And you pass!!!’

                    Rihaan smiles back and they walk together in the jungles.

                    The next day, Rihaan is sitting under a tree and asks, “Swami, you do cover your face like use it like a mask?”

                    Swami says, “Mask!!! It’s just, when people come to know who you really are, they come directly at you for help, like a direct approach, the mask gives an indirect and invisible hand to the needy, for you, when you get back, you have the weaponry, technology and lots of research to do on things and fight wannabe criminals and rapists….”

                    Rihaan says, “Yes, I have…. It’s just like, people say that there should be a change, I have to be, I can be the change….”

                    Swami says, “You can!! Just don’t trusts people a lot or so much, you are alone and you become a lone soldier, like Guy Fawkes….”

                    Rihaan says, “Who is Guy Fawkes?”                

                    Swami starts telling the story of Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder treason plot in 1800’s and it is celebrated on every 5th November in many countries.

                    Just a gun shoot is fired and it hits the tree they are sitting under and Swami sees, it is Nagar and his men.

                    They start running, but Swami gets injured and tells Rihaan to leave.

                    Rihaan first disagrees and Swami says, “You have to go ahead and protect the city which is in depths of corruption and crime. You said yourself, you will the change. Be it then. There is base nearby, tell them who you are, they will help you and remember me and my teachings….”

                    Rihaan leaves him and starts running ahead and Swami has two grenades with him and throws them in both directions and Rihaan looks back and thinking that Swami is dead and moves ahead and meets the soldiers and luckily, they are watching the news of Rihaan’s kidnapping and they start to help him.

                    A helicopter comes and Grandpa comes out of it and helps Rihaan and takes him inside the helicopter.

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