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So, I have been a fan of movies for as long as I can remember. The first movie I remember watching is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Like every girl in India, I instantly fell for Rahul, because he was the textbook heartthrob - good looks, a charming personality, and I-don't-care attitude. He was the right amount of a bad boy and also the kind that you can take home to your parents. It is safe to say, that after rewatching the movie in today's time, you can see that he was a total jerk and Anjali was better off with Aman who genuinely loved her for what she was, unlike Rahul who fell for his best friend only after she had a makeover.

Anyway, my point is, movies influence us the most. It is the most powerful media of getting your content to the masses. Some people do take movies very seriously and forget that it is a story after all. Some might be based off of real life experiences but majority of the times, minor details are changed to appeal to the crowds or to protect the identities of whom the movie is based on. Not everytime, what is shown in the movies is real or will definitely happen. The moviegoers should keep it in mind that it is fiction, imagination, unreal. For example, there were so many incidents that happened in small villages of Maharashtra after the movei Sairaat released where acts of honor killing took place. It was easier to blame it on the movie. Did the filmmaker make this movie with the intention of provoking the crowds to act in a way shown in his movie? Of course not. So it is important to realize where a movie ends and where real life begins.

Similarly, some movies help us in a positive way as well. For me, all the superhero movies are the Bible that I act on. I always think will Iron Man approve the choice I have made? Will Black Widow be proud of my actions? Will I incur Thor's wrath because I did something stupid? Why? Because they have become my idols. These characters have been brought so close to us because of their brilliant portrayal in the movies. And these characters are so well-written and well presented that you don't think of them as God, instead, you think of them as your friends. Their movies have allowed young children to dream of pursuing careers in science, astrophysics, mechanical engineering and so many fields which otherwise you wouldn't dream of having a future in. So many young girls talk about jpining the army after being inspired because of what BLack Widow does on screen.

In conclusion, I would like to say that movies have become a huge part of our culture. You feel inspired by them, sometimes you hate them but you just cannot deny them. It is okay to feel strongly about a movie, however, your opinions shouldn't harm anybody else.

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