MOTHER "The idol of true love"

By Rashika Singh in Poems » Long
Updated 18:58 IST May 10, 2017

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When things went wrong,

she made you strong.

When your eyes were in tears ,

She fought all your fears.

When no one was ready to hear you,

She still believed  in you all through.

When the days turned into night,

She became the only light.

When life seemed to be harsh ,

She was ready to bear all your scars.


         She stood in all your needs , 

  But what did you show through your deeds...


Full of harshness you raised your voice,

You left her alone saying had no other choice,

You chose standard life  at her cost,

Into the worldly pleasures you were lost.


She still stands before the God,

 Whispering bless my child  O'LORD

She still wants to see you smile,

and you poor creature awarded her with EXILE!


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