Men, Money and Misogyny.

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 01:10 IST Feb 20, 2017

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Scenario 1 :


I was out for dinner with my better half at a well known 5-star restaurant. The moon shone above us and the cold breeze surrounded us. Dinner ended on a perfect note and we called for the bill. The waiter walked towards us with the bill booklet and I raised my hand to take it, he ignored it and handed it to the man.


My reaction : WTF ?



Scenario 2 :


I was lunching at a 3-star restaurant with a male friend. We got done and called for the bill. He came up to the table and handed the bill to my male friend.


My reaction : WTF?


I couldn’t stop myself from asking the waiter  why did he so, and his reply bewildered me. He said ” Women don’t pay because they can’t earn, men pay because men earn.”


Everyplace I’ve been with a male friend, I’ve been treated like this and I fail to understand why. A majority of women today are self sufficient and can pay their own bills and our society needs to understand that.


It infuriates me every time this action is repeated. It’s everywhere, from 5-star restaurants to roadside stalls, and this mentality needs to change. All those misogynist men in the society need to be shown that women are self – sufficient and we don’t need their Money or Misogyny.

I’ve come across a lot of men who have similar views as the male chauvinist waiter above. They believe that a woman is impressed by their money, and that she is unable to earn or suffice herself.  To all those Men :

A woman can earn and suffice herself and doesn’t need a man to pay her bills.


I came across a very beautiful quote that I’d like to share,

A strong independent woman may consider a wealthy man as a bonus, but definitely not a ladder to upgrade.

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