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sun sets across the morning sky

shades of blue becomes colourless before it touches me

my daily inadequacies forces the delusion of a red sky


i am on my own again,

beginning to live through infancy is strange when you know the secret 

it’s hard to act innocent


i have become old many times like the sea

the water dashes against the shore with youthful hunger and lost in its own eroding rhythm, recedes

searching for all possibilities in the old decaying mind

the water goes back home…


i am tasting Love

and it is testing me through times which could kill you with monotony

a silence waiting to explode

and looking for alleys and rivulets to translate into noise ,

there is no road left

they have dug them all


there is no one left who can be a friend anymore

rootlessness is making the world more singular

the ancient stands against the emergent

they have dug up all roads that could have kept

the human civilization civilised

on the other side they stand in groups, up in arms

to kill

to avenge

to live  


as refugees of progress, how do you feel;

standing alone amongst the crowd

in the same place which once was your very own

how do you exactly feel ?


do you feel happy

do you feel angry

or do you just feel lonely

at your own home

now a developing town

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