Lockdown – a new word in our dictionary!

By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 16:03 IST Mar 28, 2020

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When we are busy in the routine life, we crave freedom from everything and want solitude and when we are just given that, we want routine - Such is the human nature.

After accepting our fate for the next few weeks, we should be thankful and utilize this time for the very things we always wanted to do. Instead of complaining, we should create a positive atmosphere in our home and pray for the safety of the mankind. At least we are all safe and sound in our homes with food to eat and many facilities to pass our time. Not many people have such luck. I know it is difficult to just sit at home as we are not used to the idleness but this is the need of the hour. The authorities are trying their best to control the situation and we, as responsible citizens, should contribute by obeying the law.

This is the test of our patience and discipline. Start your day with a positive mind, do yoga/home exercise/meditation whatever you feel like doing. Learn new recipes, new art/craft form, spend quality time with your family, do activities with your kids, help in household chores, take out your piano/guitar from the closet and practice it, watch movies, documentaries. At present only these things are coming to my mind but you can choose what you like to do with your time. Inculcate healthy habits which will remain a part of your daily life even after everything returns to normal. Still a long way ahead so don’t lose your sanity. This tough time too shall pass and we will emerge as a far better and stronger mankind. Follow all the necessary precautions, sanitary practices and social distancing.

Be strong and be safe.

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