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“You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change.”

-Tim Cook

A global pandemic like COVID 19, creating a national crisis like Lockdown 2020, undoubtedly put several people’s lives in very difficult situations. As important as it was to follow the lockdown, it also brought with it, endless problems for those who were either dependent on several factors to lead a normal life or for those fighting tirelessly as frontline warriors through the crisis. Then of course there are those who have been fortunate enough to not have been as badly affected by the lockdown but conscious and empathetic enough to utilise their resources and help the affected sectors. We call them Heroes of Quarantine. One is them is Mr. Vishal Gokhale and his team at Gokhale Constructions. They are a very well reputed and established entity in the redevelopment sector of Pune and have been known for building enduring relationships with their investors having maintained a steady goodwill in the market for years. Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Vishal Gokhale is known for his acts of kindness and for stepping forward time and again to help the underprivileged.

As soon as the fight against the COVID-19 began, team Gokhale Constructions put together a PLAN and processed it through a DEDICATED HELPLINE for the society’s most VULNERABE segment- the SENIOR CITIZENS. With a team of dedicated employees and volunteers, they have managed to take every possible action to keep the senior citizens safe and healthy.

This team has taken the responsibility of PURCHASING and DELIVERING GROCERIES and MEDICINES right at their door-step. They initiated this plan and promoted it via WhatsApp through their clients and close knitted group as well as through their Social Media platforms.

They have also been distributing grocery kits to daily wage earners- LABOURERS and POLICEMEN in the area. Moreover, Gokhale and team along with Hon. Mayor of Pune City- Muralidhar Mohol, have installed SANITIZATION CHAMBERS at various POLICE STATIONS across Pune and at the PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. In addition to this, they have also distributed protective gears and masks to the POLICEMEN and BUS DRIVERS in Pune.

Lead by Mr. Vishal Gokhale, the team has been working systematically, incessantly and in perfect harmony. Their planning and execution have enabled them to provide maximum help to those who needed it. Team Kalamwali salutes Mr. Vishal Gokhale and the entire team of Gokhale Constructions for this commendable philanthropy. 






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