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“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

-Kathy Kalvin

COVID-19 has given us tremendous food for thought. One one had we have stories of sufferings, isolation, people being stranded, people being deprived of essentials etc. And on the other hand, we have endless stories of heroism. How every kind of problem, across sectors, borders, genres was identified by humanitarians from different stratas and then bravely defeated by them. These humanitarians are Heroes fighting the pandemic and the collateral damage caused by the pandemic with courage, sympathy and generosity.

To name another hero of quarantine, we have, Force Motors Limited, under the unapologetically efficient leadership of Dr. Abhay Firodia who have explored every possible way to offer help during the lockdown. They have played a crucial role in UPGRADING THE HEALTHCARE INFRASTRUCTURE during the lockdown. To begin with, they have donated 45 HIGH END VENTILATORS, more than 17,000 MASKS as well as MULTI PARAMETER MONITORS and CENTRAL MONITORING SYSTEM to leading HOSPITALS in Pune. Simultaneously, they partnered with Panchshil Realty and distributed more than 15,000 VITAL PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) KITS to hospitals that are handling COVID-19 patients in Pune.

Along with that, they introduced the “We Care- rendering Service to Society” initiative which included distribution of 2,000 plus packets of FOOD GRAINS to the needy families across 50 plus villages of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Through this programme, over 10,000 beneficiaries have received DAILY NOURISHMENT for the last one month. 

Besides this, Force Motors has made a donation of a whooping INR 5 Crores to the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Relief Fund. They have also helped the Government by giving Employee Voluntary contribution of INR 2 crores to the Maharashtra CM Relief Fund. Going beyond donations, the team partnered with the Bharatiya Jain Sangathana (BJS, Pune) to run the unique program of “Mobile Dispensary Seva”. All the vehicles used as ambulances are Force Motors vehicles and have been donated by the group. This initiative began with 7 ambulances in Pune city on 1st April, and today has expanded over 34 cities with 180 ambulances in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This unique facility has been able to reach nearly 5.5 lakh patients till date and promises to further reach the maximum number of people and treat them.

As if this wasn’t commendable enough, Abhay Firodia and Group have enabled another substantial platform of support by donating a large amount of equipment to MCCIA in order to support the COVID-19 relief activities. This is a comprehensive program run by the Pune Platform For COVID-19 Response (PPCR) - a volunteer group of prominent Businesses, Industries and Startup Leaders working with leading Hospitals in Pune. This donation consisted of Ventilators, Masks, Face Shields, PPE kits, Food Packets, Blood Donation Camps, Pulse Oximeters, 17,000 N95 Masks and Telemedicine Helpline.

Force Motors’ acts of tremendous kindness and generosity, do complete justice to the statement “not all heroes wear capes,” and also is a great example set by a great Business Organisation which is one of the most developed and trusted companies in the automobile sector of the industry. Kalamwali salutes Dr. Abhay Firodia and everyone at Force Motors Limited for their selfless and courageous acts of kindness through the lockdown.

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