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Updated 12:05 IST May 22, 2019

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I was in Bhutan a couple of years back and trekking the Taktsang monastery. The ascending trek takes about 3 to 4 hours through dense pine trees and rhododenron shrubs. While trekking it is very common to smile and make small talk with the people you meet on the way. So there was this local person in a traditional Buddhist attire coming down and the following interaction took place between the two of us:

Me (smiling) : hello

He (smiles back) : hi

Me: how was your trek?

He: very good

Me: how much more distance remaining?

He: still a trek of about an hour.

Me: Ok thanks

He: where are you from?

Me: India

He: where in India?

Me: Gujarat (thinking he must never have heard of it)

He (smiling) : Kem cho?

Me (surprised): how do you even know Gujarati?

He: my brother runs a travel agency and we get many tourists from Gujarat

Me: majama

He: keep going and enjoy your trek

Me: Bye

He: Bye

Imagine my surprise when I met that local speaking Gujarati in a foreign land! 



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Kalamwali 27-May-2019 22:00

You might find a Gujarati speaking human even on the moon perhaps! Hahahaha

Jyoti 15-Jun-2019 15:29

So true

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