how guilty are you?

By Jasmine in Experiences
Updated 12:52 IST Nov 02, 2020

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 Hey How Are You

 Thing’s won’t have been changed this way if you haven’t had done things which you does not mean, Things r not always how you think things are they change always, Many kind of things happen in one’s life. One person may have been seen as they are doing completely fine in their life but the fact could be they are not fine .they could hide  their feeling to outside world sometimes fear with what people might thing sometime fear with not being accepted by others or being mocked by others a lot of people are naïve they does not know that we own our life so if we are not going to share our personal matter with them it’s completely fine. we doesn’t have to name it hiding from people or keeping secret from them .we aren’t keeping any kind of secret from anyone things could be a little to awful for us but keep saying to our self that we don’t deserve a particular thing just because I have kept a secret or hide a thing .no honey you haven’t done something wrong we all have some kind of things kept for our self we doesn’t have to feel guilty about it .but yeah if it related to someone else life as well then they have all the rights to know what had happen .because it doesn’t only would harm you but that person even so it’s you responsibility to let that person know ,if you hide it from them then it’s is called keeping a secret or hiding things.    


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