Hardwork over Luck

By abeer athar in Daily Musings
Updated 20:35 IST Nov 11, 2020

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Everyone in this life can be lucky if they work hard. Success and happiness doesn't come to the ones who sit back wait to be feeded by the golden spoon but to the ones who go and work to make that golden spoon shine.. Success is not an outcome of the destiny but perseverance, hardwork and your unwillingness to give up. god doesn't help the one who waits for things to happen but the ones who go out and make things happen.. God's help and your dedication, determination and discipline are the two parallels drawn between this inclined journey called life.. 

If we don't work for something then we don't hold the right to criticize and question why we didn't get something? Aren't we lucky enough? God doesn't love us? Aren't we capable of something ? 

Life is not a fairly tale where a magical stick and some magicAl words like "hokus pocus " could make things happen.. But where your hardwork is your magical stick and your perseverance works like the magical words that the universe reverberates everytime you set a plan to work and make things happen and you stand up stronger with each time you fall..

All this world a stage and all the men and women merely players of this stage called world and God being the director has entitled some role and purpose to us.. And if we work for our purpose, he helps us otherwise we get lost to find our purpose in life.. So it is incumbent upon us to not to act stupefied towards our purpose but find and work for it before the curtain of this life falls off. 

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