By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 11:20 IST Mar 08, 2022

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Do we really need a special day to celebrate womanhood? This question comes to my mind considering the pivotal role women play in everybody’s life. Just imagine a world without any women, forget the world just imagine your home without a woman! It won’t be a home anymore but will become just a house. I don’t have any problem with this celebration but what is the meaning of putting her on a pedestal for a day and repeating the same sad story for the rest 364 days of the year. If you really want the women to be happy provide her a safe atmosphere in her home as well as the society where she can be herself without any pretensions, be safe without being alert every-time she steps out of her home, be happy doing the things she likes without the fear of judgement, be comfortable in the clothes of her choice, just BE HERSELF.

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