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and exactly there he was sitting 

on the footpath

that tribal child in exile

and those turquoise blue eyes were like

that they carried the whole universe inside

his cold hands and colder spine

shows he belonged to a paradise

but was left over in this disguise

and his blonde curls

holding the unanswered question for this world

and that amateur soul seemed to be quite unpacified

those hands of an angel

were bruised 

those little fingers blocked his ears

as if he was hiding from his fears

his face indulged with innocence

his eyes silently shouting for help

and that poignant heart

that was too young to hate

but too terrified to love

but what made me curious was

that lad who is supposed to be afraid of dark

laid motionless suspecious with that blood and those marks

and all over him blood was spitting out

and lying next to him was an army of dead bodies

and their bodies sprinkled blood out

as if they were dead from an hour or about

and then the blast was heard

but till then he became familiar with that

so this time it didn't shake him away

nor did he hide himself behind the fern

as if he was waiting for his turn

just asking a painless death in return

but not from a bomb or a gun

and then exactly there he was burnt

and now he laid dead

and his burnt face 

asking why he was punished for mistake

he never committed his ears still revebirating 

the noise of bomb and guns

his lips still questioning what he did wrong

his soul still asking for justice

asking the questions that this wast world too small to answer 

what if those hands would have hold pen instead of guns

what if that soul would have experienced love instead of pain 

what if that brain would have dreamt instead of suffering from depression and detachment 

what if those eyes would have seen teachers instead of terrorist

because that's exactly what kids are made for 

at the age of storing their dreams in theirs drawers they become nothing in this brutal world 

but just victims of the wars....

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