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Make every day count, for today is a new day so be bright and shine

Every opportunity teaches us new life lessons so be glad for the bad and the good will slowly follow.

Today you are cursed but tomorrow you might be blessed, it’s the rule of life to have waves.

Be glad for the life you have for we never know how much time we have

Because life has its own ups and downs, believe in yourself is what I have found.


With every breath you take feel alive, thank god each day for the sunshine.

Fill your life with beauty and love, your heart with compassion for all.

I know for sure that the heart breaks, but never fails to heal itself.

Be glad for every friend and foe, for friends help you in good way but foes are necessary to improve your ways.

Each of us have roots and wings, roots help us stay grounded and wings fly us high

Each of us is special, so be glad to be yourself, do not waste time in comparing your journey with others

How do you want to be remembered after you leave this world is upto us on how each of us behave in the limited time that has been granted to us!

Thank you god for every sunrise that I have seen and every smile that I have not missed.


-Sanchita Satalkar


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Mukta Mulay 26-Sep-2017 20:52

Fantabulous!!!! 👏👏👏

sanchita 03-Oct-2017 13:39

Thanks Mukta!:)

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