Ghost Memories

By Ankita Kulkarni in Poems » Short
Updated 14:21 IST Jun 18, 2018

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They lurk

Like the red eyed monsters

At the back of our minds

Ready to cast a shadow

Like a grey cloud

Of fear and doubt

They are the ghosts

Lurking in the attics

Of our minds

Born through the power

Of bad experiences and mistrust

Ready to taint

The happy memories

With their darkness

To make you fear

Their very existence

To never allow you

To enjoy the good

Withough felling their shadows

Cast upon your mind

Why, O Why

Can you not disappear

In a whisp of smoke

Allowing me to bask

In the true happiness

Of my new memories

Why, O Why

Won't you allow me

To forget the darkness

That tries

To rear its head

Every time I wish

To make new memories

Why, O Why

Must you drive me

To words and acts

That I will regret

From time to time

For I know that memories

Are the true ghosts

Of our lives

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