forget foes, behold the best!

By Priyanshi Banerjee in Experiences
Updated 15:48 IST Feb 07, 2017

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TEENAGE LIFE! Seems fun but is not. When I return to the thought bubble a week before I recall that just a week before I had been separated from my friends, not by some outside force, but a force from within- the awakening! A sudden jerk just turned my head towards solitude. This somehow turned out to be the reason behind the beads of perspiration rolling down my forehead as I felt that I won’t be able to make friends and jumped onto the conclusion that I would die alone sitting on a rocking chair, all soaked in depression! Then my birthday approached! The huge burden which bumped onto my bosom as I had no friends, no party and most importantly- no smile. But then I turned my eyes to my teacher-life! may sound a philosopher’s talk but solitude was the phase which made me aware about everything, all you need is your companionship. One may not have friends but if someone has that spirit to share everything with his own self! Viola! You have a new best friend-you. One does not need to venture into dark actions to have friends or company. Remember, you know yourself more than anyone else on this planet and you know that you will never leave yourself ever, like ever! And the brownie point of making yourself your own best friend is that you can share your secrets and trust me, your secrets would never be spilled on the floor. Cheers to life and your new best friend!

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Sunit Basak 08-Feb-2017 01:23

Indubitably true......

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