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Updated 23:01 IST Mar 30, 2017

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EQUALITY, easier said than practised. Equality needn't always be confined to treating the men and women equally, it can also be about treating your mother and Mother in law or Your daughter and daughter in law equally as well.
But nowadays it's more about "women power",  "My choice" !! But how many women actually have the courage to say, "My life, My choice?” CHOICE, do we really have one? Right from the day that a girl is born, she is moulded to fit the perfect category. Who says ISI marking is only for products and services? It's not mentioned in the matrimonial ads, but that's what is expected from a bride to be!

A girl or a boy, everyone has a dream to follow, a goal to achieve, a passion to fulfill…. Don't they deserve an equal chance to achieve it?

As parents of a boy, you feel a sense of pride and achievement in seeing your son achieve in life what he wanted to. Give the same chance to your daughter in law, so that her parents can share the same feelings.

For me, Feminism is not about proving that women are superior than men, it's just about providing equal opportunities to both of them.

Let's stop segregation of work into ‘ men's work’ and ‘women's​ work’. When women have reached till space, why can't men reach ‘Kitchen’ and share some work?
Thanks to the changing times , that few women can actually set their own terms for living their life , but still the percentage is much less. I still remember the day when I told my dad that I would like to join medical college, but I was made to rethink my decision. Back then girls were not allowed to pursue their career after marriage ( specially in our community). I changed my decision, because I thought if I wouldn't be allowed to practice medicine after my marriage, I will be depriving a worthy student of that medical seat. This was about thirty years back.
A few days back, as me and my son were chatting casually, I just happened to ask  him, " Will you let your wife work after marriage?" I was hoping to receive a plain affirmative answer. And without thinking even for a second, he replied, " Mom, it's her life, who am I to decide about her life. It would be totally her choice!" Never had I felt so proud before. Now that's what I call 'EQUALITY' in the true sense.....

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