Coz' all of me loves all of you

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Updated 22:51 IST Feb 18, 2020

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My world never felt empty

It had thousand reasons for me to go on

I was living it in peace and sanity

But never found one like you to count upon


Just when I thought I was sure

That I had these feelings buried down deep

You came and touched my soul with yours

In joy you made my heart give a leap


You showed me a whole new way

The one that I could have only dreamt of

You presented to me a totally new world

That consisted of only and only pure love


You are the sole reason behind

This constant smile on my face

The twinkling in my eyes

And the happiness in my soul


I hear your sensual voice

Even when you don’t say a thing to me

Every time you whisper how much you love me

You make my heart skip a beat


This sure felt like a deep connection

Not from now but many lifetimes before

We may have left our unfinished story behind

I now wonder for us, what else is in store?


You are more than just a companion to me now

You have filled my life with immense love and joy

You have shown me what true affection actually means

Without being grateful to you, not a moment passes by.


With you I simply want to make memories galore

For I can’t think of life without you anymore

You never made me feel any less than your queen

I now realize what being soul mates truly mean.a


I have no forever promises to make to you

For I know not what future holds for us two

I silently pray to Him today

To make me yours and to make all your dreams come true.




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