Chico o Chica- Does gender really matter?

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Updated 08:31 IST Oct 25, 2016

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I have a 6 year old chico/boy, who had taken up most of the space in my heart till recent. He soon had to share this space and keep it reserved for the one dwelling in me. Yes my second baby. Both my pregnancies were so different, that it gave people a chance to speculate. As if trying to assure me that a different pregnancy meant a different gender of a baby. Like, craving for sweets or salts became the first criteria to decide on who's gonna come out! What rapport I share with my mom today," Specially after becoming a mother myself is way beyond friendship. I too somewhere thought having a girl will give me the same relation with my girl like I share with my mother. Everyone in my family only hoped for a chica/girl since that would 'complete my family'. How it became so important to have a girl, that everyone thought she would tame the house and bring some gracefulness, After having a hyper little man. Why does it become so important an issue to have a specific gender like there are actually many choices out there. It only has to be either of the two. What we should be looking at is a healthy happy baby. Whether the baby will learn good things should be more important than whether they would wear blue or pink! I have always taught my older one what's inside matters more than what's outside. Don't two daughters indicate lots of love and chirpiness at home while two sons can sure keep u on ur toes till they are independent and later treat u like a queen. Ancient mythology is a proof of brothers living together happy, ram and lakshman, love and kush, arjun and balram, to name a few. Even history talks about achievements accomplished by Wright brothers who made our dream to fly without wings come alive.I met a lot of people during my pregnancy, who only sarcastically told me Lord be with me if I have another boy! Like its a sin to give birth to two little boys. People! What's wrong with you. Only a mother who hasn't had a boy can say that. I delivered! Another boy'. I waited for the doc at the OT to open the news and he asked me what's your first child? I said boy and he said so u have another boy! I so in my heart knew I will have a boy. A mothers instinct is always right. No matter what fun calendars I checked to reveal the gender of my little one inside I was sure he's my little man in there. Blue or pink never matters when you are on the table giving birth to a real soul. The first look at him melted my heart.When someone's asks me today or tells me that I had courage to go for another pregnancy knowing the second could be a boy, I wondered what's gotten into the gen x! I never showed the faintest hint of regrets. Which world are we living in? Rather than focusing on how to make them better individuals we fret about our insecure futures? Let's be strong ourselves and procreate only so that we live together but not depend on each other for life. My house is now full of cars, x-box, play stations, robots, all sorts of transport miniatures and I have learnt to accommodate around it. I am so happy to play and have fun with them. My TV shows are about Henry the huggle monster and Wrestling manias!(thankfully no daily sagas). They have a matching fondness for things now. I don't miss doll houses or kitchen plays. Dora or hello kitty don't have a place in my house right now and we have learnt to be happy with what we have. My three boisterous men, little n big(including my hubby) treat me like a queen. Their lives revolve around me and mine around them. It's the most beautiful feeling for a mother, to be around her kids. They are akin to sunshine for her.  

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