By Dr Sana Khan in Experiences
Updated 23:30 IST Jul 18, 2018

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There are often times when a person has to fight- fight for rights , for freedom , for passion , for pursuing what they want to innumerable fights. 

A decision that might seem to be right for some must be wrong for the others. 

Stereotype mentality while choosing career has got us all to a point where only some careers such as medicine and engineering or chartered accountant are considered as excellent whereas others aren't. I feel an aptitude test for choosing the right career should be made compulsory in 12 th standard so that people know what they're good at. 

Skill development should be given more importance. Technical skills should be taught to students and if some people are good at artistic stuff they should be taught the marketing skills so they can display their talents. 

These days people are under so much stress. Stress is creating tremendous health issues and ways to deal with stress should be taught.

Do what you love to do not what others want you to ; life is too short each decision should be taken properly. 

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