Breaking the stereotype - Bold Blue Boys vs Peppy Pink Girls

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Updated 21:25 IST Oct 10, 2016

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I came across a post on a social media website two days earlier. They had lovely deals on some attractive story books for kids. I normally follow them for they keep coming up with new stuff. It keeps me up-to date with the requirements for new gen kids. But what struck me was the name on the books. One said 'dreams for girls' with a fairy on it n coloured in pink while the blue one said 'adventures for boy'. I didnt quite appreciate it and left it to that. This kept playing on my mind and i gathered my guts and wrote to them saying why cant girls be adventerous and boys dream of fairies and fairlyland? I left it to that pretty much not intending to do harm to their sales. It was a very poilte comment. I forgot about it soon. Today when i was checking my account it struck to me to check if they managed to send a reply to my objection. To my surprise the post was deleted from their page. In a way it made me feel good that somewhere my thought had made an impact.

Guys we live with the gen millennial. What are we thinking? I would have loved to pick an angel or a book of faries for my son only if they didnt highlight for "girls". My 7 year old loves to watch tinker bell and i have told him stories about angels and their miracles. It just makes his inner side more alive when he knows he's surrounded by them. The thought of a little pixie dust can only brighten anyones day.

I found out that this concept of blue and pink started way back in 1800 and then it changed to blue for girls and pink for boys in 1900. Finally taking shape of rule in 1940 to the original colours associated with genders. They came up with liners like, pink for girls with sugar and spice and everything nice!

Its more and more become a ridiculous marketing system today. Ranging from baby shower surprises to baby welcome parties and the following birthdays, room decors, its all out there in the market in Blue for boys and Pink for girls. From fancy bags to clothes to eateries to accesories its there in the respective gender colours. I have bought my boys pink shirts and toys and never made them feel they cant wear them simply because our conservative society sees it the other way.  When I once wore pink to my infant, I got questioned to "how sweet is ur angel,whats her name?" Haha why on earth cant toddlers wear these lovely shades?

Pink actually stands for affection, peace , harmony and love for oneself and others. Arent these traits needed a lot more in our strong headed boys? Of course we all need love but bringing out the softer side of these young men will only do better for the society. While blue stands for sky, trust, wisdom, confidence, intellegence, faith, open spaces and freedom. Wow and now that explains why the girls need more of blue. We have sheltered  our girls enough. Its time we show them the skys the limit and set them free. With all the love they carry with them they will do wonders when given the right direction. So lets not be sticky in our heads and glue the ideas of differtiating them.

Lets bring them up with equality. Shedding these rigid ideas is only a small step towards making brilliant future human being out of them. Liberation is not only in action it first comes in thought. We are changing in our actions and dressing today. We wear girls westernised clothing but do we give them freedom to think? I just would like to end it with this very powerful statement, " when we have the courage to raise our daughters like sons, lets have the courage to raise our sons like our daughters. Spread confidence spread love.


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