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"To blame others is easy and dangerous. But, to blame ourselves is difficult and almost victorious."

Again, it was in my hostel life, I got a room partner, Akku, who was from a very poor family. He was very good at study from childhoood. There were four members in his family- father, mother, younger brother and himself. His father and mother, both, worked as wage labourer. They sent him pocket money every month after hard work. His younger brother, Pappu, was in class-XII at rural college and worked at night to earn his pocket money.

Akku always blamed his poverty and relationships that didn't help him when he was in need at the time of higher education. He wanted to do post-graduation in mathematics from HCU. But, he couldn't do that. Then, he switched to competitive examination and started preparing for it. Once again, He totally failed and blamed his poverty and situation that couldn't stand by him. Finally, he went to his village and ended his life by hanging himself.

One day, I visited his younger brother, Pappu, who was working as a physician in rural area providing treatment to tribal people at free of cost. He had done his M.B.B.S and M.D. from an autonomous college from Delhi on his own. I asked him, "Didn't you think poverty as a stumbling block in your path to success, when you were doing your medical?" He replied, "No.. As you know, Poverty is a disease caused by unwillingness to do any work. It is a failure of our own immunity to work. So, I worked on my on immunity. And, to avoid such a disease, one has to blame oureselves which is difficult but almost victorius, not to others."

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